Don’t Have a Defeatist Attitude When it Comes to Digital Marketing

Written by Nick Stamoulis

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When it comes to digital marketing, it helps to have a positive attitude, trust the experts, and assume that the strategies will work. On the flip side, you don’t do your business any favors by assuming the strategies won’t work.

Having a defeatist attitude can do more harm than good because it essentially guarantees failure. To improve rate of success, you’ll want to maintain a positive attitude. Here’s more information on how you can make this concept work for you:

What Happens When Trying NOT to Think Of Something?

Have you tried not to think of something? Let’s do an experiment right now. DON’T picture a perfectly ripened apple. Pay attention to what happens when you try not to think about an apple.

What actually happened?

I bet you couldn’t stop thinking about an apple. It likely popped in your head and wouldn’t go away, right?

When it comes to the law of attraction, we tend to attract and focus on the things that we think about, even if we are “trying not to” think about it. The fact that you couldn’t help but picture an apple as you were trying really hard not to shows what happens to our brains when we fixate on something.

Fixating On a Strategy “Not Working” Hurts Your Campaigns

Every now and then, we encounter a prospect of client who is absolutely convinced that they know more about marketing than we do and therefore, they have a difficult time trusting us. They ask questions, suggest alternative strategies, and in general show that they are fixating on how our strategies might not work for them.

The thing is, we know with certainty that our strategies work for everyone, it’s just a matter of when. Every business is different and we customize our approach to match their needs. We know that the strategy will work for your business because we have a proven track record of success.

What happens when a client obsesses over the strategies and worries they won’t work? They display a defeatist attitude that could do more harm than good. This shows a lack of trust for the instincts that we have concerning what may work.

You Need to Give the Strategies a Chance to Work

Here’s something that we’ve seen happen. We tell the client that it could take up to a year to really gain ground for the marketing strategies to work, but the client lets us go after six months out of stress that they strategies “weren’t working”. Once the client leaves, they don’t do any of the ongoing work we advised, which means that they really don’t see the results they could have.

What happened here? The fixated so much on how the strategy couldn’t work, their actions actually caused the failure of the campaign. Had they stuck it out and executed the strategy as we advised, they would have seen the success they desired.

It’s true that having a defeatist attitude could derail your digital marketing. Instead, trust the process and execute the strategies exactly as advised!


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