Ways to Create Blog Topics

Written by Nick Stamoulis

When you own a website, you know it’s important to publish new content on a regular basis. Actually, coming up with new topics to discuss on your blog is the more difficult part. Keeping your blog and your website fresh with new content is what will not only keep users coming back for more, but will ensure that search engine spiders come back to crawl it on a regular basis. Keeping your blog updated will also allow you to continually target long-tail keywords and encourages social media sharing. Your SEO will greatly benefit from blogging consistently. Users doing searches will be pointed in your direction.

When you have a website, blogging should be considered a non-negotiable task. While coming up with new topics on a regular basis can be difficult, it’s worth figuring out a system that will help you come up with new topics when needed. SEO depends greatly on high-quality and consistent content. Here are some tips to help you generate as much content as you can now and in the future:

Review Your Published Content

Your old content can be a great source of inspiration for new blog topics. For example, you may have blog pieces that are outdated as far as information about your industry goes. If this is the case, right away you have topics that will cover one or possibly more new blog posts. Many industries change over time, so this is a good place to start if you’re in need of new topics. Remember that creating new blogs doesn’t mean they need to be 100% unique. You can take an old idea and spin it into something new. If you created a tip piece in the past that consisted of 4 tips for your readers, try expanding each one into its own blog post.

Scroll Social Media For Ideas

Social media can be a valuable source of ideas for blog topics. If you’re not already following publications, events, companies, and thought leaders within your niche, this is the best place to begin. You can look at their posts, as well as what they are liking and sharing, to get inspiration for your own blog posts. This is a good way to see what is being talked about in the industry that you can also talk about. Don’t forget to look at comments left by others. Their questions and thoughts may also spark ideas for blog posts.

Check Out Industry Websites

Keeping up with your industry is a good idea in general as you don’t want to be left behind as things grow and evolve. But following industry websites will also help you to generate new topics for your blog posts. Subscribe to their newsletters when possible so that they come directly to your inbox and save you the time of having to search for them again.

By following the above tips and keeping a running list of topic ideas, you can be sure that you will always have something to write about on your blog.

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