Don’t Be Afraid to Cover the Same Topic More than Once

Written by Nick Stamoulis

When it comes to content marketing, people mistakenly believe that you can only cover the same topic once. The truth is, your audience won’t mind if you revisit the same topics and themes, as long as you spin the information slightly differently each time. The bottom line is that you shouldn’t be afraid to cover the same topic more than once. Here’s a look at why this might be the case:

Audience May Be Different than it Was

The truth is, if you have a blog or website that has been running for a long time, you may not even have the same audience as you did when you first began your website. As time goes on, your audience will certainly change. Granted, the changes might not be that much over the span of a year or two. But in the case of some websites that have been around for a while, the audience will certainly change.

What if the website is ten years old? Ten years ago, the Internet was a much different place, and your audience may have been different, too.  If you have a business website, your customer base could be different. Maybe you have new products for sale on your site. Whatever the situation is, your audience has certainly evolved. If you wrote on the same topic a few years ago, people likely won’t even realize if you cover the topic again.

Goals Might Change Over Time

As your business and/or website goals change, so will your content. However, the business changes may not be enough to warrant a change in the topics you will cover. Every time you write content, it should be in alignment with your goals. If your goals change, but the topics you cover don’t, inevitably the information will be conveyed different. This means that despite the fact that the topic is the same, the way the information is delivered won’t be.

In other words, don’t worry about it if you have to cover the topic multiple times. Changing the main idea, the title, and the words within will make it look like a completely different article. This is why multiple websites operating in the same niche or industry may always do well. No one place will deliver the same information the same way.

Your Writing Style Might Change Over Time

Another main thing that might be different is that writing styles may change all the time. Let’s imagine that the same writer is penning the content from year to year. With practice, writing will always improve. As he or she constantly hones the writing skills, the content will look different. That is another reason why covering multiple topics is okay. As writing styles change, the content will look different over time. To your audience, it will give the impression that it is new and fresh, even if the topic has been covered before.

As you can see, you shouldn’t worry about it if you need to write on the same topics. Just find ways to spin the topic differently, and keep in mind that as your writing style evolves, so will your content.

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