Things that Make Your Content More Linkable

Written by Nick Stamoulis

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You might have thought the title to this article was “Things that Make Your Content More Likeable.” Turns out you’re not too far off because what’s likeable is also linkable! As we know, links play an important role in SEO. In fact, links are one of the top two Google ranking factors along with, you guessed it, content. Content and links work together. Great content generates natural inbound links that convey trust and authority to the search engines and links generate content visibility.

Ongoing content creation is a crucial component of an SEO campaign today, but not all content is created equal, especially when it comes to generating links. There are millions of new pages of web content created on a daily basis. That’s a lot to compete with which means that if generating links is a goal of your content creation (and why wouldn’t it be?), you’ll have to step up your content marketing game a bit and invest in content that’s more linkable.

Here are 3 ways to create link-worthy content:

Include new data

One type of content that will always generate links is content that includes new data based on original research. Of course, this type of content isn’t something you can write up in a few hours. It needs to be planned out strategically. Determine what types of information people are often looking for in your industry and conduct research that gathers this information. If you notice there are certain studies that are always referenced, but they’re becoming outdated, check to see if there is updated data and if not, set out to gather it on your own. This type of content will generate links but also establish your company as a thought leader.

Conduct interviews with industry thought leaders

One way to improve your reputation in an industry is to align yourself with a respected industry thought leader. Ask people whom you respect in the industry if they’d be willing to do an interview that will be published on your blog. Of course, this approach usually requires some preliminary relationship building. Industry experts are more likely to give you their time if they know you and already have an existing professional relationship with you. A bonus to this type of content is that it has a built-in audience, anyone who follows and respects the individual you interview.

Use visuals

Another great way to enhance your content and get it to stand out from the rest is to include visuals. For some people, a piece of long text-only based content is a turn off, no matter how great the information may be. There’s a reason why YouTube and memes are so popular. Take advantage of this! If you’re conducting research, display the data in an awesome, professionally-designed infographic. And videos don’t need to be too complicated. Most smartphones today take decent-quality videos.

Quality content establishes your company as a thought leader, but if it’s links you’re after, it’s worth considering how you can elevate your content to the next level.


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