Collaboration Between Agency and Client

Written by Nick Stamoulis

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It’s true that an agency can help improve your digital marketing, especially if you have done your research and you feel really confident that the agency you chose is the best fit. In fact, after spending so much time researching the best company, you may feel as if it is time to sit back, relax, and let the agency do its work.

Well, this is only true up to a point. You can relax knowing that the your digital marketing is in good hands. However, this isn’t the end of your involvement. Think of your agency as more of a partner than a work-for-hire, and as partner, you should expect to put in some work to form a real, collaborative relationship.

Here’s how forming a collaborative relationship with your digital agency partner can really help drive results:

Deepens Their Understanding of Your Business

If you spend quality time with them, this will improve their understanding of your business. It is from these deep conversations that some of the best insights are formed, as well. When they take the time to understand your business, they are likely looking for ways to correlate this understanding to improving the strategy they will be using for digital marketing.

This means that they are focused on providing a customized strategic plan for your business, rather than using a template approach. Sure, most digital marketing strategic plans have many of the same elements, like content marketing and social media, but the nature of the strategy will differ from one business to the next. When they know you well, this will help them create the best plan possible.

Builds Trust Between You and Them

When two parties trust each other, it makes the relationship so much stronger. When it comes to your digital marketing, this translates to a much more effective implementation of the strategy. For digital marketing partners, creating the strategy is only the beginning. Implementation will be ongoing, but if the client doesn’t have a collaborative mindset, this can create barriers.

When a client shows they don’t trust the agency, this leads them to question everything. This not only deteriorates the relationship, but also prevents work from being done. When a client trusts the agency partner, they are left to do implement the work with ease. The client will likely get results faster than if they had to navigate the bottlenecks.

Leverages Collective Experience to Improve Results

When the client and the agency approach the relationship with a mindset of collaboration, this means they are able to leverage each other’s experiences. The client will know the business and marketing inside and out and convey this information to the agency partner. The digital agency can develop a strategic plan that will better align with the business. This synergy creates the best strategy possible and it was all because the two parties could leverage their expertise.

However, these benefits can only happen if the two parties were able to form a collaborative relationship. This relationship is where most of the magic happens.


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