Big Picture Thinking in Content Marketing

Written by Nick Stamoulis

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When it comes to content marketing, it helps to take on a big picture approach. As with anything that has to do with marketing, getting bogged down in the details is far too easy. Details including traffic dips and surges, data such as engagement, and even considerations like which articles to write to post to your blog, can all suck up your time.

Marketing is all about speed and consistency, and content marketing is no exception. This will lead you to a place of having a big picture attitude, not a granular one. It is the big picture mindset that will help you achieve your business goals. Here’s more information:

Know the Correlation Between Content Marketing and Business Goals

One of the biggest ways to implement a big picture attitude is to learn to correlate your marketing efforts, specifically your content marketing, to your big picture marketing goals. Too often, we’ve seen marketing departments treat marketing, especially content marketing, as a series of activities that are done to get the word out about the business.

This is certainly true, but it doesn’t tell enough of the story. Your content marketing should directly correlate to the business goals themselves. For example, if your goal is to reach more people in order to make more sales, your content strategy should be designed to achieve these goals. Your content strategy isn’t random. It serves a purpose. The more you understand the big picture, the better you can direct the content marketing strategy to achieve this purpose.

Don’t Get Bogged Down in All the Little Details

Too often, we’ve seen people getting caught up in the little details related to their content marketing, and ultimately, these details don’t matter. Here are some things we’ve seen:

  • Performance. Sometimes, we see people get bogged down in how a specific piece of content is performing. It isn’t about the one piece of content – it’s about how all the content is performing. Better yet, it’s about whether or not the content itself is helping you achieve your business goals.
  • Traffic. Too often, we see people worry about traffic dips, and then feel far too elated about a surge. What’s even better? To see the big picture. Overall, when looking at year over year, or a several year look back, how did the content perform? It should be in a general, upward climb.
  • Topics. When it comes to decided what needs to be written, it is true you need to find the right topics. These topics should be evenly distributed between the sales cycle. So, you need to get enough information to determine a great mix of topics, then you need to write and post the content. Don’t spend too long on the topics, and definitely don’t spend too long writing the pieces. They only help you if you manage to get them posted.

Keep in mind that the n it comes to content marketing, you need to consider the big picture and how things perform over time. Even better, you need to consider how it relates to your overall strategy.


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