4 B2B Link Building Ideas

Written by Nick Stamoulis

Most B2B companies understand that in order to have a successful SEO program they can’t just get a few links here and there from random sites and expect to be successful. Although no B2B link building campaign is set in stone, here are four ideas that should definitely be incorporated into your overall strategy:

1. Unlock your gated content.

Many B2B companies use gated content (hidden behind a login or lead form) as a form of lead generation. And while I can understand why that’s useful, a mountain of gated content is B2B link building gold! Take just ¼ of your gated content and unlock it—now the search engines can crawl and index it properly, meaning searchers can find it organically and you have a better chance of pulling some long tail visitors through to your site. Remember, each page of your website has the potential to act as an entry-point for organic visitors.

And unlocked content can still be used as form of lead generation! Let visitors to your site read the three page summary for free and encourage them to sign-up for your newsletter in order to download the full white paper. You can then post the summary as a blog post (with link to lead form for full white paper), promote it through social media, share it on community websites and so forth. Not only are you pushing your B2B link building along, you are also creating more touch points and interactions with your target audience.

2. Look for B2B industry forums and community websites to join.

B2B niche sites like industry forum and community websites are great sources of referral links. Not only can you get a link from the profile you create, but chances are you can get even more links by participating on the site through forum and blog commenting, posting unique content, answering and asking questions and so forth. The best B2B link building ideas are ones that spawn more links over time. And since B2B industry sites cater directly to your niche you know that your brand is being introduced to the right audience at the right time.

3. Develop and leverage new business partnerships.

Brick Marketing is a B2B SEO agency but we don’t do web design, so it might make sense for us to partner with a local web design firm. We get a link on their site as their “SEO partner” and maybe write for their company blog from time to time and they get the same value from our site. Keep in mind that this business partnership makes sense—someone would need to design and build a website first, worry about SEO second. It would not make sense, on the other hand, for us to partner with a commercial cleaning company. We might be targeting the same audience but the connection between our two sites just isn’t there. Without that relevancy this B2B link building tactic is really nothing more than a link exchange.

4. Keep an eye out for content marketing opportunities.

As you go about your daily B2B link building and other SEO activities keep your eyes peeled for content marketing opportunities. Does a blog you read daily accept guest posts? Is there an industry site looking to publish white papers or research? What sites are your competitors contributing content to and how can you get in? You’d be amazed at how many content marketing opportunities there are out there for B2B companies when you start paying attention.

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