Should You Adapt to Changes on Social Media?

Written by Nick Stamoulis

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When it comes to social media, you may have noticed that things could change rapidly. New networks might emerge, trends on existing networks can develop quickly, and it seems that things don’t always remain the same. However, does that mean that you should embrace all of these changes. In fact, the opposite could be true, depending on the situation.

How do you know what to do when it comes to social media? Should you adapt to the changes and trends that develop or not?

Understand Your Goals for Social Media

Before you get started executing your social media strategy, you should keep in mind that a lot will depend on the goals you have for your digital marketing as a whole, as well as for social media in general. Are you using social media for lead generation? Are you suing it for branding? Your goals will go a long way to dictate how you should proceed when it comes to using them.

For most businesses, embracing trends and overall industry changes when it comes to social media doesn’t necessarily help businesses reach their goals. This is a good benchmark to use when determining if a change to social media makes sense for your business to implement.

Be Sure to Understand Your Audience

The ultimate goal is to use social media to better connect with your audience. Therefore, not every trend is worth embracing, most especially if your target audience is not present for any of these changes. Of course, it all depends on the type of business that you have.

For example, if a current trend has to do with creating comedic video content based on something from pop culture, and you see software products to other businesses, it wouldn’t make sense for you to embrace this particular trend because it has nothing to do with your business or your audience.

In other words, your audience should be driving your decisions when it comes to social media. Otherwise, the traffic that you might acquire if you do choose to embrace trends will not be relevant for your business. If this is the case, the traffic you do acquire will be useless and won’t actually help you grow your business.

Take a Conservative Approach

Overall, it is a good idea to take a conservative approach when it comes to embraces changes to social media. The best social media plans are the ones that allow you to best connect with your target audience. Since that is the case, it is much better to take as conservative of an approach as possible, and one that also allows you to be consistent. You should keep this in mind when putting together your strategy.

The problem with changes is that some of them are fleeting, and not all of them are relevant for your business. The same is true for trends. Most of them are fleeting, and chances are pretty good that you won’t attract the right audience if you embrace them. You always want to make sure that any changes you make will be for the better.


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