What is a Blog?

The word blog is a portmanteau of the words web log. But that alone doesn’t reallydefine blog at all. Simply put, a blog is a website with content that is written frequently and added in a chronological order. Many people compare it with a journal, except it is written online and for everyone to see. Some of the other terms for blog are online journal, web diary, and web log, but the most common term is indeed blog. The term blog can also be used as a verb to describe the action of updating a blog.

The blog definition continues with what is contained within a blog. It may just be a discussion on a topic the writer of the blog or “blogger” finds interesting, or a link to an article that is related to the particular focus of the blog. There are other types of blogs out there though, which use media other than text as content. These other types of blogs include:

  • Artlog – A blog just for different mediums of art, allowing others to comment on the art.
  • Photoblog – A type of blog meant to display pictures, and discuss them.
  • Sketchblog – Sketchblogs are chronicles of sketches of an artist that can be talked about.
  • Vlog – Vlogs are for videos of all types.
  • MP3 Blog – MP3 blogs are meant for music, so it can be shared with everyone.
  • Podcasting – Podcasting blogs are videos that can be downloaded to MP3 players.

But to define blog and not talk about its potential to help a business grow is a mistake. Blogs rank well in search engines because they can concentrate on optimized keywords that tie into a home website for a company. They also rank well because blogs are updated frequently, and that is just adding new pages to the website, all of which register with search engines. This can improve your visibility to customers, and connect with them on a more personal level, as blogging is a very free-form style of writing.

Why A Business Blog?

Your question of “What is a blog?” may have changed a bit now that you know more about blogging. You might be more curious about why you should have a business blog. We at Brick Marketing believe in business blogs because of the way it has become such an easy part of social marketing.
Blogging is:

  • Flexible
  • Easily updated
  • Frequently updated
  • Customized to match your website
  • Optimized with your keywords
  • Freeform writing is acceptable and encouraged
  • Unique, because many other businesses aren’t blogging yet
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