Definition of Social Media Marketing

Written by Nick Stamoulis

Social media marketing, or SMM, is the use of social media and other social networks to market a company, its products, and services. Social media marketing allows companies and brands to interact with customers as well as reach new ones who might not know of them yet. Social media allows companies to promote their mission or culture.

Common social media sites used for social media marketing include:

• Instagram
• Twitter
• Facebook
• Snapchat
• LinkedIn
• TikTok

What are the benefits of social media marketing? Social media marketing can help to increase traffic to your website. By using social media to share links to content or products on your website and targeting the correct audience, traffic to your website will grow. You can promote your services and products on social media, which will draw the attention of potential customers. By using social media marketing, you will also grow your brand awareness. By consistently sharing good content and educating people about your mission and products, they will start to feel like they know you.

There are two strategies for using social media as a marketing tool: the active approach and the passive approach.

Here is a look at both approaches of social media marketing:

The active approach: active approach social media marketing involves interacting with customers in real-time. Your advertising will target a specific audience. Targeting the right demographic is vital when it comes to marketing. Social media marketing is a great way to do this. You can target keywords in user’s posts, which allows you to direct ads toward them. If your business is about video games, you will want to target users who post regularly about gaming. These are your potential customers.

The passive approach: passive approach social media marketing is less about real-time interactions with individuals and more about having an abundance of content. This content can take the form of blogs, articles, how-to resources, news pieces, etc. These are types of content that are promotable and do well with templates that include “share this” and “bookmark this page.” If you take the passive approach, you must offer easy ways for your visitors to share and bookmark pages.

Of course, you can do a combination of both active and passive social media marketing. You may want to experiment to see which does better for your business.

Thanks to the popularity of smartphones and other mobile devices the role they play in how consumers interact with social media and can easily make purchases right from their phones, this has become another way for advertisers to use social media to market. Mobile devices are taking over desktops and laptops and it only makes sense that social media marketing adapt to this.

What are the benefits of mobile social media marketing? One of the biggest benefits is its convenience. People always have their phones on them making it easy to pull up social media numerous times a day. And because so many people have mobile devices, your audience is much larger. Customer’s responses and reactions can also be much quicker on mobile devices.


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