Why Should You Do An SEO Audit?

Written by Nick Stamoulis

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As long as the search engines are a factor in our behavior online, there will be a need for search engine optimization. These days, the focus really should be on your audience and making sure they are happy with your website and your content. In doing so, your website will stand a greater chance of performing well in the search engines.

However, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t actually work on your SEO. There are some best practices to follow, and most of them revolve around making sure your website is performing well (excellent site speed, great usability, etc.). Before you get started working on your SEO, you really should perform a technical SEO site audit. Here’s a look at why an SEO audit is a good idea:

Helps You Improve Site Performance

Google’s goal is to provide its users with a seamless experience regardless of their device. This means you need to supply material that is timely and informative, as well as coming from reliable sources. However, it’s not enough to have accurate data posted online. Google must be convinced that your website is trustworthy and user-friendly for desktop and mobile visitors.

Customers are less likely to stick around if they get on a site only to discover that it takes too long to load, doesn’t show correctly, or is riddled with broken links. The results of an SEO audit will reveal any problems that may be affecting your users’ overall satisfaction. Consider issues like mobile device support (responsive design), slow page loads, broken links, etc.

Several UX problems can be corrected quickly and easily. It may take more time to handle some of your site’s other concerns. It is important to conduct regular audits to stay one step ahead of any issues.

Allows You to Measure the Impact of Improvements

Another good reason to start with an SEO audit is that it provides a baseline against which you can measure the success of your optimization efforts. If you’re curious about where your site stands SEO-wise, the first audit results will tell you all you need to know. This information makes it much simpler to set priorities and make well-informed, future-oriented choices.

The next audit may be performed in a few months after you’ve made some adjustments and improved your website, allowing you to see how far you’ve come. However, it would be difficult to assess the proper indicators and evaluate the efficacy of your efforts if you worked on your website without frequent audits.

Discover Your Best Keywords

When individuals get to know the keyword phrases, they’re ranking for; they’re typically taken aback. The insights gained from an SEO audit into your organic search rankings are priceless. You can encourage your content to perform a little after discovering the keywords for which it now ranks (or does not).

However, you should understand that you really shouldn’t focus on these keywords when you are writing content for the site. Simply use these keywords as a guide but write naturally. You don’t need to use the keywords directly in order to get the content to perform well. In fact, if you stuff your content with keywords, it will have the opposite effect. Your content won’t perform well, and you can also get in trouble with Google.

Get to Know Your Competitors Through Your SEO Audit

When performing your technical SEO audit, you should take a look at your competition. How do they seem to be performing in the search engines? In order to really assess how you are doing, you should spend some time learning about how well your competition is performing. Questions to ask:

  • How does your competition perform with branded search?
  • For important industry keywords, how does your competition perform in searches?
  • Can you use any of their practices to inspire your SEO plan?

In general, you really just want to assess who your competition is and how well they are performing.

An SEO Audit Brings a New Focus to your SEO Strategy

An SEO audit will provide you with a comprehensive list of actions to improve your search engine rankings. For example, rewriting your site’s primary keywords in HTML rather than Java, adding meta descriptions to your blog posts, and minimizing page load times.

As a result, you must now wait. Seeing your website climb the Google ranks is the most satisfying result of an SEO assessment.

Helps You Create a Plan for the Future

Finally, if you want the best results from your SEO strategy, you must be dedicated to constantly adjusting and fine-tuning your initiatives. An SEO audit can help you avoid the common pitfall of blindly adapting your website to industry developments and your rivals’ strategies. After conducting an audit, you will have a solid foundation for constructing a unique plan of action.

Make your material more accessible to search engines by reorganizing it into digestible chunks, or “content pillars,” with the help of strategies like building bespoke “404” pages and redesigning your backlinking strategy.

Google Search Console is among the few automated SEO audit tools available. Most of these tools will also rank the severity of the faults discovered on your site, allowing you to fix them in the order of greatest impact.


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