Tips for Getting People to Open Emails

Written by Nick Stamoulis

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Emails have grown to become an important aspect of digital marketing. Many businesses are acquiring new customers and earning a lot of revenue just from email marketing. But this doesn’t mean that every email sent gives the same results.

Take, for example, your own email inbox? How many emails are there that you haven’t even read and not planning to? How many do you end up moving to trash without even opening? What about the number in your spam folder?

Sending an email is one thing but getting the audience to open it and take action is another.

You’ll benefit from email marketing only when your audience opens it. Here are some tips that will help you improve your email open and conversation rates.

Beware of Spam Filters

One of the reasons no one gets to read your emails is because they go directly to the spam folder. Even if the recipient has already subscribed to your emails, there are still high chances that the email will go to their spam folder. And once it lands here, your emails will have zero chances of being opened.

  • So, how do you ensure this doesn’t happen?
  • Avoid using salesy languages such as ‘free’, ‘discount’, etc.
  • Use lower case letters in the subject line instead of those bold uppercase letters
  • Use verifies domains when sending emails
  • Ensure your recipient have opted to receive your emails
  • Use a good IP address when sending your emails
  • Give your readers an option to unsubscribe
  • Don’t use the mailing addresses for other things that your list didn’t subscribe for

Use Catchy Subject Line

You should learn how to trigger curiosity among your audience to get them to open your emails. The subject line is what will trigger the recipient to open the email, and if it’s too obvious or boring, it won’t be of use. How about you make it kind of a teaser to trigger their curiosity? With a unique subject line, there will be a minimum chance of your email ending up in the trash bin before the recipient can even open it.

Personalize Your Emails

Instead of using generalization when sending your emails, why not personalize them to a specific person? Everyone loves being recognized, and your subscribers will open the email if you address them with their first names. This will look like you’ve written and tailored the email specifically for the recipient.

So, make sure you personalized both the subject line and the message. But this also comes with knowing your buyer persona. Know their likes and dislikes, their values, principles, among others. You can do this by scheduling a question-answer session with them.

Timing Plays a Big Role

The time you send your email has a lot to do with whether the recipient will open it or not. Actually, there’s no specific or perfect time for sending emails. It all depends on your campaign.

People have different schedules for reading mails. Others do it first thing in the morning, others evening, while others go through their mails just before going to bed.

This can work better if you understand your subscribers better. Put yourself in their shoes and imagine a day in their life. Think about what their typical days look like, their schedule, etc.

Optimize Your Emails for Mobile

In this digital error, most people use their phones to perform most tasks that initially required a computer. People browse the web, visit social media sites, and open emails through their mobile phones. In fact, mobile user numbers are more than computer users. You can ignore them completely. So, you must always ensure your emails are mobile user friendly.

Your emails should be responsive enough and have media that’s easily loadable. Also, shorten your subject lines so they can easily fit on mobile screens. Finally, keep the formatting and fonts simple enough.

Inject Humor

Who doesn’t love to smile at least once a day? The good news is that you don’t have to be a comedian to make your subscribers laugh. Humor has a unique way of connecting with people. With a humorous email, you’ll get it to stick to your audience’s mind for a long time, which will definitely result in a conversion.

But before you inject humor, make sure you understand your audience better. What seems funny to you might be offensive to the recipient. This will definitely not bring the desired results. Make sure you understand their values, beliefs, likes, and dislikes before pulling out a joke.

These are just a few things you can do to ensure your subscribers open your emails. But you must understand that it takes time to achieve success, and you must put in more effort and give it time. With these small tweaks in your email campaign, improving your email open rates will not have to be a daunting task.


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