Building a Social Media Foundation

Written by Nick Stamoulis

Your digital marketing strategy relies heavily on its foundation. The foundation begins with a website that is built to the best of your ability and contains valuable content. Your digital foundation is the framework that will support your online presence as a whole. This includes your social media marketing. The foundation of your social media matter to the success of your brand and business. Here’s what you should know about building a strong social media foundation:

Digital Foundation First

Before you focus on your social media foundation, it’s important to have a strong foundation. Everything else you do online is going to lead back to your website. It’s crucial that your website loads quickly. Visitors don’t want to wait for pages to load and will leave quickly because of slow-loading pages. Having clear and easy to navigate pages will make the user’s experience a positive one. Without a strong digital presence that begins with your website, your social media strategy will not be effective. Aspects of your digital marketing to focus on include:

  • Appealing website design
  • Web page loading speeds
High-quality content
  • Easy to navigate pages
  • Mobile optimization
  • Calls to action

Once you have a solid digital foundation, you can begin to focus on your social media foundation.

Social Media Foundation

Social media marketing is key to your business success. Though your business website is the foundation of your online presence, your social media accounts are what will drive people there. Most people use at least one social media platform, but many use more than one. This means that you’re going to find your target audience on social media. Once you determine where your target audience is spending your time, you can start to build a social media foundation. After you’ve created your accounts using your brand or business name and added your logos, it’s time to build your following. Your posts will only benefit from being seen and this requires a following.

Your following will help extend your posts reach by them sharing with their own following. Growing your following will be a slow and steady process. Your followers need high-quality and engaging content to stay interested in your social media account as well as your business. By creating content they want to consume, you will get more traffic to your website where they will ultimately make purchases. It’s important to be active on your social media platforms because you are competing for your target audience’s attention.

Benefits of Social Media

Your social media marketing is going to boost the success of your brand or business. Taking advantage of social media is important for all businesses who want exposure. By building a social media foundation, you are building awareness, increasing sales, and improving customer loyalty. These are all measurable, which helps you to determine whether your efforts are paying off or if you need to adjust your strategy.

If you want to increase sales, you will measure click rates, sales, and conversion rates. If your goal is to boost awareness, you will measure community growth, likes, shares, and overall engagement. If loyalty is your focus, you will measure engagement rate, sentiment analysis scores, and conversion rates. If you recognize that certain posts are driving more followers to your website, you want to create more of that content.

When thinking about your social media marketing strategy, don’t forget to have a solid digital foundation first. Everything you do online will lead back to your website. This includes your social media. A solid social media foundation will improve your exposure, drive traffic to your website, and increase conversions.

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