Tips to Get Social Media Followers to Convert

Written by Nick Stamoulis

Social Media Word Cloud with Megaphone ShapeWhen it comes to social media, it isn’t necessarily the size of your list of followers that really matters. Sure, they may “like” the things that you have to say, but are they really engaging with your brand? The truth is, social media followers are only valuable if they eventually turn into something more.
If they are only passively noticing your posts but not taking any action, you need to figure out how to really get them to convert. Here are some tips to help improve the rate at which social media followers turn into actual customers, clients, or leads:

Get the Right Followers

Before you stack your social media profiles with followers, you need to consider who your idea followers really are. Here are some questions to ask:

  • What kinds of people are currently following you in social media?
  • Are they the type that will actually convert?
  • What characteristics do your ideal social media followers actually possess?

If you find that a lot of your followers are competitors or others in related industries using social media as a networking tool there’s less of a chance for conversion. When it comes to social media followers, quality is always more important than quantity.

Businesses that get so consumed with the number of followers end up with the wrong ones because they do things like give away prizes to people to “Like” their Page or even worse, pay for followers. These types of followers probably don’t care about you and may not even be human.

Thing About Its Purpose

Being easy going is simple.When it comes to using social media, it helps to clearly define what you expect to gain from it before you really start using it. Will you use it to find prospects? Are you intending to use it to build your brand? While it is certainly an excellent sales and marketing tool, it help to have a much clearer picture of what you want to accomplish, otherwise your efforts will be too scattered to be successful. That’s not to say that you need to only choose one purpose. You can have several, as long as you know what your objectives truly are.

Create an Easy Path to Conversion

One of the reasons why you’ll likely be using social media is to not only get people to click onto your website, but to convert the in some way once they get there. It all starts when you share a great piece of content on social media, like a blog post, so that your followers can click. From there, your landing pages will include clear call to actions that tell the visitor how to buy, fill out a form, sign up for a newsletter, etc. In other words, conversion points should be no more than two clicks away from a social media page.

Think About Follower Types

All of your social media followers aren’t exactly the same. They may be interested in your business for different reasons and are all at different stages of the buying cycle. It’s important to post content that caters to all of these types. You don’t want to focus so much on those that are in research mode because you will miss an opportunity to sell. At the same time you can’t concentrate your effort on making the sale because some followers are still just looking for information. Post content should be a balance between the two types.

Keep It Interesting

Social-Media-Isnt-an-Either-Or-GameSocial media is often a noisy place with lots of distractions. In order to stay top of mind and to keep the attention of followers, and improve chances of conversion, it’s important to post different kinds of content. Don’t limit it to simply links to your blog posts. Add photos, videos, and interactive posts that encourage follower response. If you don’t keep it interesting, people won’t pay attention to what you’ll have to say, which means that your engagement will be low.

Your main goal for using social media for business purposes is to get your followers to convert. Whether you want them to follow a call to action, click through to your website, or perform a task, such as sign up for your email list, if you use social media correctly you will be successful at conversion. If your conversion rates are low, it’s time to take a closer look at your strategy and make any necessary changes.

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