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Technology has given birth to tremendous changes across all industries. It has revolutionized how businesses operate, and it is no wonder that businesses have also adopted technology in their marketing strategies. Now, for every company to succeed, it has to pay heed to online marketing more than ever before. The Internet has helped numerous small businesses to gain prominence and reach a larger target market. In this digital age, companies are now using social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, and others to promote their brands.

However, Snapchat stands out among other platforms because of its ability to connect with people on an intimate level. As one of the most popular photo-sharing apps, Snapchat makes sure that users easily share videos and photos with friends or anyone they want. For companies who wish to leverage the popularity of Snapchat to promote their brands, here are some basics about Snapchat marketing you need to know:

1. Know Your Audience

Snapchat is very different from any other social media platform. Unlike other services where content can be shared publicly, Snapchat requires private messages between friends or followers. This is unlike regular social media posts where people don’t care whether what they post will be public knowledge. Therefore, when creating Snapchat ads, you must understand who you are trying to target and develop content accordingly.

If you want to attract teenagers, then focus on teenage trends and entertainment-related themes. If you want to appeal to baby boomers, try to make memes based on pop culture references that they would find funny or interesting. You should also consider developing creative content that captures attention. This way, your ad will not go unnoticed by potential customers. Another important thing to note is that Snapchat filters change over time, so even though your audience might view your ad, many may ignore it since your message is outdated. Always keep these things in mind while creating Snapchat ads.

2. Be Realistic

There is nothing worse than spending thousands of dollars only to notice that your campaign was less popular than expected. When selecting content for your advertisements, always remember to be realistic. Don’t create unrealistic expectations and think that you will get millions of views within seconds as you see in Hollywood movies. These kinds of numbers usually aren’t possible, but you might be able to achieve them with enough effort and creativity.

One of the best ways to ensure success is through proper research. First, determine which demographic group you wish to target and then write down a list of keywords and phrases associated with that demographic to help narrow down your search results. Once you have done that, use third-party resources and tools to analyze and optimize your campaigns. Also, make sure to test various angles. Try posting your ad on multiple channels like hashtags, emojis, location tags, and geotagging to increase exposure.

3. Establish Your Brand Identity

Your brand identity represents everything about your company including its name, logo, slogan, tone of voice, mission statement, service offerings, products, prices, etc. When creating ads, it is crucial first to establish your brand’s identity since it will act as a foundation upon which everything else is built, so make sure to pick something that conveys the right message.

If you wish to build trust in your industry, it is essential to adopt a trustworthy attitude that speaks volumes about your brand’s reliability, expertise, and credibility. Snapchat marketing can only be successful if you establish an authentic presence online. If your customers believe that they can trust your brand, they will start engaging with your content more often.

4. Measure Performance

Another fundamental of effective Snapchat advertising is constantly measuring performance throughout the course of each campaign. It doesn’t matter how good your original idea was because, ultimately, you need data to know whether your Snapchat ads worked well. There are several measurement techniques ranging from clickthrough rate, conversion rate, bounce rate, user engagement, and others.

Through this process, you can determine whether your campaigns were successful or not. However, you shouldn’t jump straight into conclusions because there could be numerous reasons why one piece of content wasn’t performing as expected. Hence, it is extremely important to collect all the data and conduct thorough analytics before making any decisions.

5. Optimize Emojis, Filters, and Animations Usage

One of the most vital elements of social media marketing is its ability to engage users. To effectively reach a targeted audience, you must take advantage of all the available features at your disposal. On Snapchat, animations, filters, and emojis are some of the most powerful visual communication tools readily available. As long as you don’t overuse these options, they can add to the effectiveness of your Snapchats by letting people express their emotions in the fastest way possible. The key here is to experiment with different combinations of filters, emojis, and other images to find out what works best.

6. Provide Private and Exclusive Access to Your Brand

If you wish to promote your brand via Snapchat, you should provide exclusive access to your brand’s official account. This is an excellent marketing strategy for companies looking for ways to create brand loyalty and gain exposure for themselves. Allocate certain times of the day when your followers receive private messages from your Snapchat account and ask them to share your posts within their networks. You may also give away prizes, special discounts contests, and flash sales for those who participate in your promotion. Remember that having exclusive access to your brand won’t guarantee success, but it can certainly help.

These are the fundamentals of effective Snapchat marketing. Once you familiarize yourself with the basic principles of the platform through reading our list above, you will be ready to develop your own business strategy. Do remember to measure the results of your efforts to ensure that you’re making progress towards achieving your goals. In no time, you too will learn what makes Snapchat work well for businesses of various sizes and industries. Keep learning and keep growing!


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