Recognizing the Small B2B SEO Successes

Written by Nick Stamoulis

Depending on what B2B niche your company operates in there might be a ceiling when it comes to how much new organic traffic you can pull to your site for certain keywords. For instance, “live chat software” has a monthly search volume of 5,400. If your website is already pulling in 3,500 visitors a month for that particular keyword there isn’t nearly as much room to grow as compared to a site that only gets 350 visitors a month for that single keyword. Your organic growth for that one keyword may never look like a powerful surge but that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate the small B2B SEO successes.

Here are 3 smaller B2B SEO successes you shouldn’t dismiss:

1. Increase in number of non-branded keywords sending traffic.

It’s important to remember that not everyone is going to search for the same thing in the same way. I might look for “live chat software” but someone else could search for “support chat software.” We are both looking for the same product but how we go about the search process varies. Your B2B website can pull in visitors for a multitude of broad and long-tail keywords, including ones you aren’t actively targeting on your website. The more non-branded keywords sending traffic to your site the stronger your organic search presence is. 1 or 2 visitors per keyword may not seem like much but when you multiple that by an extra 10 or 15 keyword each month it starts to add up over time.

2. Increase in organic traffic year over year.

Organic growth is not always linear. There are going to be good months and there are going to be slow months. If one month is stagnant, or has a slight dip in traffic, take a look at the year-over-year data and see what kind of overall growth you’ve experienced. For instance, one of our clients lost about 17% of their organic traffic from June to July of 2013 (July is typically a very slow month for them), but year-over-year their organic search traffic was up 97%. That’s more than a little B2B SEO success! But had the client only compared month to month it would have looked like things had backtracked when the overall trend was the exact opposite.

3. Increase in number of referring links and amount of referral traffic.

As you continue to invest in your own B2B content marketing campaign, including your own company blog and guest posting, you have the potential to earn natural links from other sites. We manage the blog of the client I mentioned above and have been writing for them for almost 2 years. Just recently we found a referring link from a popular column on as well as a citation from a local Fox news website, both high quality, natural, earned links that sent several hundred visitors their way. Those kind of referring links and referral traffic are definite B2B SEO wins that you should celebrate internally. It’s a sign that the right people are seeing your SEO and content marketing efforts.

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