Should You Share Your Metrics on Your Website?

Written by Nick Stamoulis

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When putting together your website, you naturally want to make it as effective as possible. After all, your website will form the base of all of your online marketing efforts. Unfortunately, there are so many different directions that you can take with your website, that it can be overwhelming to find the best approach.

One of the things you might be considering is to share metrics and other pieces of data on your website. There was a time where it was a common practice to share certain information, such as total number of website visitors and social media data like the amount of shares and likes an article has gotten, but that has fallen out of practice. It is also something that we don’t recommend. Here’s more information about this:

Sharing Metrics Puts the Focus on You

When people visit your website, their main concern is that they are trying to figure out what your business or service can do for them. Will it meet their needs? As a result of this, the website should be composed with this idea in mind. By sharing pieces of information like your website metrics with your audience, it sends a message that you are completely focused on yourself. People want to know that you will help solve their problem or meet their needs. Sharing information such as website traffic sends the wrong message that you are more focused on yourself than them.

Too Much Information Can Be Damaging

When it comes to data like website traffic, more isn’t necessarily better. When it comes to attracting people to your website, you want to connect the right people with your message. If your industry is really specific, you might not need a lot of traffic to be profitable. What if you only get a small amount of unique visitors per month to your website? These visitors may result in several, high quality leads. It could be damaging for them to see such a low visitor count. It could give the false impression that you aren’t an industry leader, when in fact, you very well could be if your industry doesn’t command high traffic numbers, even on competitors’ websites.

It’s All About Your Customers

When people visit your website, they need to be given the impression that you fully care about them, not yourself. Information on the website that takes the focus off them, such as your website traffic numbers, should be taken off your website. Instead, you should focus on conveying to them what you can do for them. What are the benefits of them buying your product or working with you? Why do they need your service? While data can absolutely support your claim that you can help them, it shouldn’t be the focus.

If you want to do right by your customers, when they visit your website, it should be all about them, and not you. You only want to tell them enough to make them comfortable. This will instill their trust, and then you will gain their business.


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