Growth Marketing Improves Branding

Written by Nick Stamoulis

Growth marketing offers a perfect blend of creativity and analysis. Over the years, digital marketing has evolved. One of the reasons this is the case is that we have access to a lot of data, right at our fingertips. A good marketer takes this data and figures out how to use it to the best advantage. When done right, data can help your digital marketing strategies grow.

One of the ways growth marketing comes in useful is applying it to the principals of branding. Traditionally, the two are thought of as separate entities. Yet, this isn’t the best approach. The insights gleaned when employing growth marketing can absolutely be applies when it comes to branding. Here are some thoughts:

Thing of Growth Marketing as a Pillar Strategy

Rather than think of all the offshoots of digital marketing as their own, separate entities, it helps to think about how they are all tied together. Growth marketing, rather than being an additional, separate type of marketing, think of it more as a pillar strategy where everything originates. Having a mindset of growth, where you use data to help glean insights to take things to the next level, is essential. It can help social media, content marketing, and everything in between.

It can also help with branding! While branding technically refers to a company’s digital identity, aspects of the branding can actually be determined through growth marketing. This is because the insights gained from growth marketing can absolutely help boost your branding efforts.

Consistent Branding Will Impact Data

You should be able to determine if your branding is cohesive and well received by looking at collected data. If it isn’t, you should be able to tell by the numbers. If you determine that the branding is lacking from the numbers, and then create a plan for making changes, you just used growth marketing to help this aspect of your digital marketing!

However, you can only really get reliable data in this regard if the branding is consistent. If it isn’t it could reflect poorly in the numbers. If the data uncovers that the branding is inconsistent, you know you’ll have more items to change in your branding strategy.

It’s About Knowing Customer’s Needs

The greatest strength of growth marketing is that it keeps you in tune with your customer’s needs. This benefits the entire digital marketing program, and braining is no exception. The more in tune you are with the customer cycle, the easier it will be to make branding decisions. After all, everything you do, branding including, is about better connecting with your customers.

Once you know your customers’ needs, and you can do this through data, the easier it will be to create branding materials that make a difference. In other words, growth marketing makes your branding stronger simply because it enables you to stay more in tune with your customers.

When it comes to branding, growth marketing strategies can help strengthen it. You really can’t have one without the other.

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