SEO Questions an SEO Company Can’t Answer

Written by Nick Stamoulis

If we’re an SEO company, we should be able to answer all of the hard hitting SEO questions- right? Unfortunately that’s not always the case. There are plenty of SEO variables that are simply out of our control so that we can’t give definite answers to certain questions. This can be frustrating to the SEO client- “why are we hiring you if you don’t know the answers to our questions?!” We get it. But the thing is, any SEO provider is in the same boat. At least, any white hat SEO provider. If you are in the market for an SEO firm and find that a company is giving you hard and fast answers to the following questions- they simply can’t be trusted because the truth is that no hard and fast answers exist!

How do we “beat” Google?

Any SEO provider that’s in the business of trying to “beat” Google is doing it wrong and probably using spammy, black hat tactics. Your best bet when it comes to SEO is to play nice with the search engine giant. This means following the Webmaster Guidelines that Google has set forth. Google is pretty upfront about what it considers to be “good” and “bad”.

When will SEO start to work?

When a client asks this kind of question, usually what they mean is- when will we see an increase in traffic that results in an increase in conversions and sales? When will we see the ROI? This question is difficult to answer because it is different for each and every website. There are so many elements involved that it’s impossible to predict when this will happen. It may be 3 months, it may be 6 months or it could be a year+. The important thing to recognize is that it WILL have an impact, eventually. Implementing SEO is always better than not implementing SEO. That we know for sure.

When will I get to number one?

Like the previous question, this is impossible to answer due to all of the variables at play. The honest answer is that you may not EVER get to number one for broad keyword search terms depending on how competitive the industry is. That’s why an important focus of an SEO campaign is creating content that includes long tail keywords that are less competitive. There’s still no definite timetable, but there is a better chance to rank higher for these types of terms.

How come my competitors are ranking higher than me?

There are a few ways to look into this question, but there might not be a definite answer. Some reasons why might be that they have an older, more trusted website or that they have links from high quality sites. We have access to certain data, but we don’t know everything about their strategy. You never want to get too consumed with what your competition is doing. It will just drive you crazy. Instead, focus on your own SEO activities and whether you are seeing a gradual increase in traffic and conversions.

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