Getting More Value from Your Published B2B Content

Written by Nick Stamoulis

Most B2B marketers understand the importance of great content and how it can impact their long term B2B SEO success. However, most B2B marketers are concerned with producing enough content to help drive their SEO and social media marketing campaigns forward…and they should be. In my experience, a B2B company that fails to consistently produce informative and engaging content will ultimately flat-line with regards to their SEO progress. However, what many B2B companies fail to realize is that they are sitting on a treasure trove of previously published B2B content that can repurposed and allocated towards a different platform to help propel their content marketing campaigns forward.

Webinars and Presentations

Who says B2B content only comes in the written form? How many old webinars or PowerPoint presentations has your company done in the last few years? Even if you only have one or two hour long webinars that could easily be turned into several dozen 2-3 minute videos! Each video can then be uploaded to YouTube (with an optimized title and custom description plus link back to your site) and then promoted through your social profiles. If you want to keep the majority of the webinar gated (maybe you use it for lead generation purposes) you can still do 5 short videos and publish them as video blog posts and give viewers a link to download the whole webinar off your site. That way you get extra content for your blog, you give people a taste of what they are signing up for (better leads) and you leverage the existing value of your webinar to further your B2B content marketing campaign.

White Papers and eBooks

Every individual section of a B2B white paper or eBook can be shortened and slightly edited to become a new blog post for the company blog. This is a great way to ensure there is always fresh content going live on your blog at a consistent rate, especially if you find it hard to make time to write a new post each week. Think about how much time and effort went into writing that white paper? Why not give it a second chance to do you some good? Provided your B2B content is still relevant and applicable to your audience there is no reason you can’t slice and dice larger published pieces and rework them into new and fresh blog posts.

Old Blog Posts

Evergreen content means it’s just as valuable to your audience now as it was 6 months ago as it will be 9 months from now. Why not make that B2B content drive more targeted traffic to your site and give it a chance at a second life? Older blog posts can be re-promoted through your social networks (chances are most of your audience won’t remember), included in a company newsletter, updated to reflect minor changes and so forth. Great B2B content is always going to be great (provided it’s still relevant) so make sure you are getting value from your efforts for a long time to come.

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