Can You Prove That SEO Works?

Written by Nick Stamoulis

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There’s no way to avoid this – receiving organic traffic from the search engines is something that has to be earned over time. When executing an SEO program, it could take months, if not a year or more, to really see that the consistent efforts of the program are paying off over time. However, when the SEO program is sound and in compliance with Google’s guidelines, the results will come.

The wait can be hard to navigate, though. It takes an extreme amount of patience in order to get to the point where you feel happy with the results. During this wait time, it can be difficult, but luckily there are some positive signs that arise that show the program is working.

Here is a look at some ways you can prove to yourself that the SEO program is working, even before organic traffic really starts to pick up:

More Leads in the Pipeline

Another sign that your SEO program is starting to show signs of life is that you will experience an uptick in quality leads. This doesn’t necessarily prove that you are getting more traffic or anything, but it could be that you are attracting a higher quality audience. Activities that go in conjunction with keyword optimization, such as  posting articles on the blog and increased activity on social media could be attracting an audience that is really intrigued by your business and what it has to offer. After some time, this will likely attract higher quality leads.

Increased Engagement With Your Brand

Another item you might observe is that once you execute your SEO program, you may have noticed that there are signs that people are engaging with your brand more. This is probably due to a variety of factors, but the core of it is that typical activities that enhance SEO are also brand builders. Posting regular content on your blog, sharing helpful information on your blog, and attracting a more focused audience thanks to your keyword optimization all can be contributing to an increase in brand engagement.

Organic Traffic Starts to Increase

Sure, it would be nice if your SEO program will cause a huge spike in traffic right off the bat. However, this is usually not the case. Typically, traffic increases slowly over a period of time. Pulling monthly traffic reports can help you see patterns in traffic. Running a comparison report from the previous month is also incredibly helpful.

Even if the changes are small, it is likely that you might start seeing an incrementally rise occur much sooner than you expect. However, even if you don’t see a rise as quickly as you would like, that doesn’t mean the rise won’t start to happen at some point. It’s a very real possibility, though, that you will start to see a small, incremental increase much sooner than you expect.

As you can see, there are some clear ways you can prove that your SEO program is heading in the right direction, even before the data really starts to support it.


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