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Written by Nick Stamoulis

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OPTIMIZEAfter reviewing the competition and the industry online, the next phase of a B2B SEO campaign is to conduct keyword research for every page of the business website and then incorporate selected keywords into the content and meta tags naturally in order to generate organic search engine traffic. While this may seem like a daunting task, especially for a larger website, it’s very important. Ensuring that the entire website is properly optimized sets the foundation for the rest of the B2B SEO campaign. Here’s why:

Best Practice

If you are going to spend time on a B2B SEO campaign, you might as well do it properly right? While it may be tempting to cut corners by focusing on only the homepage and a few top service/product priority pages, that’s the lazy approach to SEO. Taking the easy way out like that means that the website isn’t actually optimized for search, only a few pages are. It’s SEO best practice to have a website that is fully optimized for the search engine spiders.

Get Found

Optimizing every page improves the chances that your web page will show up for a specific search term. The search engines rank web pages, not websites as a whole. While the homepage typically tends to rank the most frequently due to the number of inbound links it has and the trust that it has generated due to those links, other pages that are well optimized can rank too. Interior pages provide a great opportunity to target some long tail keywords that may not have a lot of search volume, but attract a searcher that knows what they want. This includes blog posts, which provide a great opportunity to target a wide variety of long tail keywords. People are no longer simply using a few words to search. Instead, they’re speaking full questions into their search app on their device. Capitalize on this search behavior by crafting content that uses similar phrasing.

Branded Search

A primary goal of SEO is to deliver traffic to a website for non-branded keyword search terms to attract a new audience, however that doesn’t mean that branded search should be ignored. Interior pages such as the Contact Us page, About Us page, or Meet Our Team page are great pages to target branded keywords. When these pages are properly optimized, it ensures that they appear at the top of a relevant search. For example, if someone searches for “Contact Company X” the Contact Us page will appear right there in the search results. People don’t have to spend time navigating the site to find what they need. The information will be only one click away which improves the overall search experience and brand experience. Leaving these branded pages un-optimized is a missed opportunity.

While it may not seem like a big deal to optimize every page if your B2B site has less than 50 pages, it can feel very overwhelming to do so if your site has 100+ pages. If this is the case, it’s OK to break the project down into phases, as long as you ensure that it all gets optimized within a reasonable amount of time. To start, focus on the most valuable 50 pages first, the ones that currently receive the most traffic and generate the most conversions. Once those pages are completed you can move onto the next batch of 50 or so. This breaks up the work, making it more manageable, and also gives you the time to begin to focus on other components of B2B SEO, content marketing, social media, and link building. The entire process takes time, which is why in some cases it makes sense to enlist help if you don’t have the internal resources to complete the on-site SEO process in a timely manner. It already takes plenty of time to see organic traffic gains, you don’t want to extend that time frame even further by delaying the process due to time or resource restraints.


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