When Should You Send Your Email Newsletter?

Written by Nick Stamoulis

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Sending your email newsletter too early or too late can negatively impact your readership. The best time to send your newsletters is usually once or twice a week, during the middle of the week. The best time to send your email newsletter if you want your readers to see it and read it is when they are not busy doing anything else because they will be able to pay their full attention to what you have sent them.

You want them to focus on this piece of content that contains great information that would help them out in their work or personal life. If you rush to send something out, people will easily get distracted and forget what your email contains.

Too Early

Some of your subscribers may miss the newsletter and unsubscribe from your list.
What does too early mean? It means several hours before the regular publication time of your newsletter. For example, if you want to send your newsletter at 2 p.m., you should send it between 10 a.m.-1 p.m. If you are in the EST time zone (or 9-11 a.m in the Pacific time zone).

Too Late

Most people prefer to read their email during their work time, so sending newsletters on Friday afternoon or Saturday can make them busy to read it and respond accordingly on Monday morning.

Factors to consider when you send your email newsletter?

1. When is your subscribers’ time zone?

Your subscribers’ time zone is a very important factor to consider when you send your newsletter. If your subscribers are all in the Pacific time zone, and you send them a newsletter at 5 p.m., most of them will not read it until the next morning, so you can put it on the midnight EST time zone if you want to deliver the newsletter at 7 a.m. in Pacific time zone.

2. When are they likely to be online?

If most of your subscribers go to bed before 11 p.m., it’s better to send newsletters on Monday night or Tuesday morning since they have more chances to catch up with their email during lunchtime or after work time on Thursday evening or Friday morning (U.S).

3. When is the most effective time to send your email newsletter?

Some of your subscribers may not open their email at all; for example, if they are in different time zones and work hours than you and can’t read your newsletter until the next day, you don’t want to send them the newsletter during their working hours.

4. When do you think they are more likely to respond to your newsletter?

If you want to get a response from your subscribers, you should choose a time best suited for them. If you want them to reply, it’s better not to send your newsletter early in the morning or at night because they might go through it without replying.

5. When will they be checking their email?

Checking email is a daily activity, but some may not check all day long and only check it at night/morning or during lunch. In addition, most people prefer doing other things than checking email, such as watching TV or surfing the internet; so, if you don’t send your newsletter at 12:30 pm.

Why is timing important for sending your email newsletter?

1. If your subscribers are busy, they may not spend time reading your email and might find it annoying or waste time replying to you.

2. You don’t want subscribers to be annoyed if they receive your newsletter on their work time, end up forgetting it, and later discover that you sent it so late, wasting their precious time without knowing what you have for them.

3. You don’t want subscribers to unsubscribe from your list because it can result in the loss of possible new customers.

4. You don’t want subscribers to be disappointed after seeing that you sent it too late or too early and then get distracted easily and forget about the content in your newsletter.

What is the best day of the week to send your email newsletter?

It would be better to send your newsletter on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday since people get focused on their email after coming back from work, dinner, or spending time with their family and may read and reply if they are interested in what you have sent them.

There are many things to consider when you decide when to send your email newsletter, and it can be hard to determine the best day of the week to send your newsletter. It depends on different factors, such as time zone, subscribers’ time zone, and what you want them to do with the content.


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