New Service Digital Marketing Best Practices

Written by Nick Stamoulis

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As a digital marketer, you have a set of services that you offer. As you grow your business, you may consider adding new services. This can be a scary move. You don’t know if people will be drawn to the new service, if your agency will be good at it, or be able to take on the extra work load. There are pros and cons to expanding your list of services. Here’s what you should know about the best practices for offering new services through your digital marketing agency:

Benefits of Digital Marketing

The benefits of offering new services through your digital marketing agency include being able to offer current clients more selection. Instead of having to go to another agency because you don’t offer something they need, clients can remain with you, who they have built a relationship with and trust. Adding new services can improve client retention, which benefits your profit margins.

Your new services can benefit your agency in more than just a financial way. You can build your team up by having them trained to offer these new services with confidence. Team members likely have clients they enjoy working with and will be excited to be able to offer them more.

Marketing New Services

When you decide to offer new digital marketing services, you need to market them. If the services that you are now offering have been requested by clients, they should be the first ones that you inform. They will likely take advantage of the new services.

You will also want to promote your new services on social media so that your followers know you are expanding. Email marketing, blog posts, and paid ads are other ways you can get word out about your new services.

Be sure to analyze where customers for your new services are coming from. If social media is bringing in the most fresh customers for your new service, you can save money by cutting out paid advertising. Focus on what’s working instead of throwing more time and energy into what isn’t.

Use Data and Metrics

When you launch a new service, you never know if it will be a hit or not. If it’s not taking off the way you thought it would, it’s important to find out why. Analytics come in handy when you need to hone in on why a service is or isn’t successful. If you promote your new service on social media, is it getting the views, likes, and shares?

If your current clients aren’t hiring you for your new services or sharing them with their followers, there may not be enough interest. You need to consider points of contact that will get you in front of your target audience’s eyes. This could be social media, search engines, email marketing, or blog posts. Analytics can tell you exactly where people are learning about your service.

Learn to Pivot

Not every service you launch will be a success. If a service isn’t getting the results or bringing in the revenue that you expected, it may be time to consider a pivot. You can either decide to cut the service altogether or market it more so that your target audience knows about it. Cutting a service that isn’t working isn’t a failure.

Don’t continue offering a service that isn’t working just because you’ve invested money and time into getting trained for it and promoting it. Being able to recognize when something isn’t working for your business is a positive thing. It means you’re in tune with your business, are willing to try new things, and adjust when necessary.

Adding new service to your digital marketing agency’s offerings can be beneficial for your business. While every new service you add might not be a success, if you can adjust, trying new things can pay off in the end.


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