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Written by Nick Stamoulis

It’s true that a blog is one of your greatest tools for digital marketing because it is one of those activities that has countless benefits. Businesses should maintain a blog, or a regular channel for publishing new articles, for a variety of reasons. These include giving your audience  reasons to keep visiting your website, to help encourage social signals going to the blog, and to increase organic traffic.

However, these benefits cannot be achieved unless the blog constantly has fresh content. This will give people a chance to keep returning to the blog, which will give your overall digital marketing strategy a boost. Here’s more information:

Write for Your Audience

Even though it helps to keep your blog content fresh, it won’t do any good if you aren’t writing content that fulfills the needs of your audience. There was a time when people would simply write content just to increase the volume of articles on the website. These days are long gone. Content needs to add value to their lives, and if it doesn’t your blog won’t have the desired impact.

In order to determine what kind of content your audience will like, it helps to get to know them. What makes them tick? What are their needs and desires? Think about what those are and then determine how your content can service them. If it meets their needs, they will consider buying your product or signing up for your service.

Stick to Relevant Topics

Each target market has a set of topics that is completely relevant to them. Determining what these are is another tactic that can help keep your blog filled with great content your audience will enjoy. Understand that there is a fine line, though, between writing great content and filling the blog with too many articles. Content needs to be relevant and unique and anything less will do more harm than good.

There was a time when more content was better for the search engines. It didn’t necessarily matter if the topics had a lot to do with the subject of the website. Those days are long gone. Now, in order for a blog to thrive, the content needs to be completely relevant.

Freshen Old Content

Another tactic that can help keep blog content fresh is to revisit older articles and make sure they aren’t outdated. Update any outdated information and add new content if it pertains to the situation. Delete any pieces of content that are too outdated to salvage and replace it with the latest information. Freshening old content can help keep the audience happy and it also can give your blog a boost in the search engines over the long term.  This is an especially valuable tactic if your blog has a long history and a lot of content on it.

Your audience will appreciate it if you take the extra step to keep your content fresh. It will give them a reason to keep returning your site, which could increase traffic, conversion, and sales.

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