B2B Social Media Best Practices

Written by Nick Stamoulis

B2B (business-to-business) social media has the potential to be a powerful tool in helping companies reach their target audiences while working to improve the overall brand. But businesses need to understand the best practices for B2B social media, not only because it’s necessary but also because it’s an effective marketing means.

It uses social channels to market products or services and is generally done so in the form of blogs or social networking sites to maintain a two-way dialog with customers. Another advantage of B2B social media is its ability to empower employees. It allows them to be a mobile and responsive while, at the same time, they can connect on a deeper level with clients and partners. Here’s a look at some of the best practices to follow when it comes to using social media for B2B:

Develop a Brand Personality

A brand personality sets a company apart from its competitors and is usually identified in its branding, tagline, logo, and more. The most important aspect of developing a brand personality is to be consistent. A B2B company’s social media presence should be constructed based on its brand personality.
Employee engagement is one of the keys to success for a B2B company’s social media strategy, and it comes from building a brand personality. A successful social media campaign must be accurate in all names, descriptions, and claims about products or services.

Know Who You’re Targeting

B2B social media is a way to reach a specific user base. It’s generally not meant to be a marketing tool for potential online customers.
The need for B2B companies to understand who they are targeting first before building a strategy and then determining how to utilize social media best to reach that audience has become increasingly important.

Create Educational and Informative Content

Social media are an effective way to communicate with customers, but businesses must ask themselves: should they be creative? Companies must decide if the campaign’s content can make customers want to buy a product or engage with the company. When B2B companies try to create an entertaining drive, they can come across as salesmen instead of being helpful to their audience. Content that comprises educational information is also most valuable if it is based on research and facts. A B2B company’s social media content must be informative, educational, and useful to improve its brand.

Choose Your Target Platforms Carefully

Businesses need to choose the platforms that are most effective for their customers. Channels like LinkedIn help B2B companies build and maintain valuable industry-specific relationships with customers and partners. Social media is a way for a company to connect with its audience directly, and they need to understand the demographics of its audience to develop a targeted social media strategy.

B2B social media is a great marketing tool for B2B companies that want to reach their target audiences. It is a way of uniting employees, clients, and partners while at the same time offering business intelligence and products or services that are useful to customers.

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