Don’t Lose Momentum With Your Digital Marketing

Written by Nick Stamoulis

Digital marketing is important for every business. However, it is so easy to lose momentum. It shouldn’t be, but digital marketing is often the first thing to get brushed aside when things get busy. No matter what, it is so important not to lose momentum. We have seen this many times – companies get busy actually executing work for their clients, nurturing leads, closing deals, et cetera that they let their marketing slide. This is problematic because it is your marketing that got you the influx of business. If you stop marketing, you won’t keep the pipeline full with new business.

Understand that Consistency is Everything

It is important to note that no matter how things change it is important to stay consistent. Don’t let updating your knowledge cause you to miss any time with your digital marketing.  If you’re not consistent with your efforts, you are more likely to create “noise” rather than gain traffic and possible customers.

Staying consistent is very important in evolving your digital marketing skills, so don’t stop once you’ve created a presence. You need to continue being consistent so that your efforts don’t become “noise” in the internet world. Try to block out the noise and execute on your process no matter what happens.

Create a Simple Strategy You Can Grow

You need to come up with a simple strategy that you can execute no matter what, and stay consistent as best as possible. If you decide to add other strategies to your plate, you can do so in a calculating way, or you can spend more time if you have it once the tasks in your regular program are  executed. This strategy should contain the main elements of a digital marketing program such as social media and writing new content.

Stick with a schedule you know you can stick with no matter how busy you get. If you can only write one new piece of content every other week and then only post on social media once a week, set this schedule as your minimum. If you have more time, you can always ramp things up and change the strategy slightly.

It Takes Time to See Results

It is important to understand that it takes time to see results. You might be wondering why you aren’t making “process” when the reality could be that you haven’t given it enough time. We have seen it that a good digital marketing program could take up to six months or more  to start showing signs of gaining momentum. Try to resist the urge to make changes before you give the program enough time to work. If you make changes too soon, you won’t really make any progress and you could be starting from square one.

The ultimate goal is to put together a program that you can grow with and that will allow you to be consistent. If you don’t give things enough time, you will have a frustrating time trying to make progress. Ultimately, it is the consistency that will encourage results.

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