Traffic: It’s Important to Attract the Right Visitors

Written by Nick Stamoulis

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Digital marketers are focused on attracting more website visitors. Many look at the number blindly. If they see traffic increase, they believe their efforts are coming to fruition – but are they really? The hard truth is that increased traffic won’t necessarily help the business grow unless the traffic is high quality. In other words, the traffic needs to represent the potential for new business, which means that the visitors need to be highly targeted. Otherwise, traffic increases won’t mean that much. Here’s more information about this:

SEO Can Help Attract Targeted Visitors

Search engine optimization is very much an earned traffic source. In fact, it could take over a year before the fruits of all your efforts to start paying off. This can frustrate people and they may give up on it before they are able to witness the program’s success. However, the efforts are worth it because SEO gives you the opportunity to attract exactly the types of visitors you want.

This process begins when performing keyword research, which is both an art and a science. Each potential keyword should be evaluated to assess user intent and whether or not this intent matches the demographic you’re trying to attract to your site. After the perfect keywords are chosen, the site is optimized and then ongoing SEO activities, such as blog content creation, link building, and social media are performed. When executed correctly, SEO attracts exactly the visitors that you want.

Creating Solid Content Encourages Quality Visitors

Although content is a crucial element of an SEO program, it also stands on its own. Care must be taken to develop a content strategy that not only satisfies your target audience, but that will also help you meet your company goals. Each piece of content written for your website has the chance of attracting the right types of visitors to your site. Here are some things to consider:

  • Determine what types of content your ideal customer expects to see and then write accordingly. When they see this content, they will be more likely to be fans of your website and eventually customers or clients.
  • Excellent content that is written with your ideal audience in mind will also help attract increased traffic through the search engines. Each new piece of content that is posted on your site gives your site more chances to appear in search queries.
  • Content written for your audience has the potential of attracting more visitors from social media. The increased social signals could also help improve search engine rankings.

When a website is perfectly targeted to your ideal customers, this, in turn, will help attract the type of visitor that you really want. It is important not to just look at traffic as a number where if the number increases, that means you will see success. If the visitors aren’t tightly targeted, your efforts will be wasted because your business won’t grow as fast as you expect. Traffic is just a meaningless number unless your visitors are highly targeted and the traffic is of a good quality.


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