Don’t Advertise Unless Your Business Can Handle New Volume

Written by Nick Stamoulis

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It’s true that advertising can be a vital component of your digital marketing campaign, and a good digital advertising program will certainly increase your volume of business if it is done correctly. However, advertising does cost money, so it helps to really think through your process and your campaigns before you set things up.

Most businesses know that digital advertising takes some work to execute, but there is one item that many businesses neglect to consider before launching a campaign. That is, whether or not the business can actually handle the volume.

Turning Away Business is Bad for Your Brand

Has this ever happened to you? You realize you need to make a home repair so you start searching online for a service that will come get the job done. The repair is something crucial, such as replacing a window or repairing a leaking roof. You research for a while, but you start to notice that a certain company is not only dominating local search, but also is spending a lot of money on digital advertising. You finally call them so that you can potentially get them to your home to assess the work and give you a quote.

Instead of book an appointment, you hang up the phone feeling frustrated. They told you they couldn’t get someone out to your home for a quote for another month. This is bad for business because chances are pretty good you would have found someone else to do the work by then, and you might even warn others against their business practices.

You need to Find Your Sweet Spot

In the above example, the company’s aggressive behavior when it came to their digital advertising didn’t match the level of business they were able to take on. In fact, one might even wonder why they were advertising in the first place. They clearly didn’t need the business, but at the same time, it isn’t necessarily a good thing to stop advertising once you do get the businesses, because you do want to keep the pipeline filled with leads. If you advertise only sporadically, you may not have a steady enough stream of business to keep your company afloat.

It’s all about connecting the business objectives with the campaign. That is where it starts. If they had given this concept some thought before launching the campaign, they may have realized that if they acted too aggressively, they might actually need to turn away work. This is never a good situation for a company to be in. In other words, each company has its own sweet spot, and it is worth finding out what yours is before you spent too many of your resources on the advertising.

When it comes to digital advertising, you don’t want to act too aggressively if you can’t handle the volume. A good campaign is one that you can actually scale as needed. You can cut back when you have enough business, and then ramp up ad spend when it is needed. It is all about connecting your campaign with your business goals.


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