Measuring Content Marketing Success

Written by Nick Stamoulis

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When you undertake a content marketing strategy, creating and posting high-quality content is just one piece of the puzzle. You want to know that your content marketing is a success. Knowing how your strategy is performing allows you to adjust when and where necessary. Here are some ways that you can measure your content marketing success:

Organic Visitors

Organic traffic is the website visits that come from unpaid search results. When someone does a search for something using a search engine, they click on a link and this is referred to as organic traffic. Being able to attract people to your website organically means that you are reaching people who are searching for something specific.

You have the ability to reach people worldwide. Boosting organic traffic is tightly connected to SEO. If you do your keyword research on a regular basis and create high-quality content that includes those keywords, you are likely to see organic traffic growth. Your SEO strategy improves your website’s visibility. If your organic traffic is not thriving, it’s time to examine your SEO efforts and make sure you are doing all you can to improve your visibility in the SERPs.

You can use Google Search Console as well as other tools available to analyze organic visitors to each web page. From there, you can determine why some pages are performing better than others. It may relate to content topic, keywords, or the quality of your content.

Social Media Metrics

Using social media for content marketing is something all businesses should consider. Social media is used by most people and a powerful way for brands and businesses to connect with their target audience and grow a loyal following. When using social media to distribute content, there are a number of metrics you can analyze to see how your strategy is performing. These metrics include:

  • Follower growth: the increase in growth for your followers list.
  • Post impressions: how many times a specific post appears in feeds.
  • Engagement rate: actions taken on your content including likes, shares, and comments.

These types of metrics can help you understand how well your content marketing is helping to contribute to your sales funnel. The goal of your content marketing is not only to get views and increased traffic to your website, but to increase conversions and increase the overall success of your business.

Increase in Business

Content marketing plays a role in the growth of your business. Creating high-quality content on a consistent basis can help you to establish yourself as an authority in your industry. Establishing yourself as an authority means that people will trust what you have to say and be more inclined to consume more of your content, visit your website, and make purchases. In addition to posting content to your own website, blog, and social media, consider guest posting on reputable websites in your industry.

Content conversion rates are an important metric to track in order to measure the effectiveness of your content, leading to sales. Tracking your content conversions will tell you which content is driving action and which needs to be adjusted.

When you undertake a content marketing strategy, you also need to implement a way of measuring its success. By understanding how your strategy is or isn’t working, you can make changes where necessary and focus more time and energy on what is working.


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