Be Sure to Maintain Your SEO

Written by Nick Stamoulis

When it comes to optimizing your website, it is true that it is important to do it in the early stages of your business or a website launch. It is, of course, much easier when a website is optimized during the launch, but we know that this doesn’t happen. We often have clients come to us who have been in business several years before considering optimizing the site for SEO.

No matter when you get started however, it is sure to make a noticeable, long term difference on your digital marketing results. However, it is a mistake to think that once the SEO is set up, your work is done. There is some ongoing work that needs to be done.

Keep Your Content Fresh

It’s true that content is often considered the bread and butter of a good SEO strategy, bit in order to really get the most out of it, it needs to be updated constantly. This means adding new content on a regular basis, not only to your website but also to your blog and social media pages. Fresh content will keep people coming back for more, and it will help the search engines, too. While we don’t advise constantly changing your static content (unless you have to make legitimate updates and changes), we do believe that having a blog and regularly posting content to it can be of great benefit.

Keep Up with the Technical Aspects of Your Site

Technical parts of your SEO strategy, such as your backlink strategy, site speed, and the basic functioning of your website, are all things that can have an impact on your SEO. While you may check all that when you first launch your site or when you first optimize it, things can happen and some of these may change. For example, a site can suddenly slow down, and this could impact your SEO. Visitors are not patient enough and will easily bounce back when your site takes a lot of time to load. This is why it is important to work on your site speed and make sure it is as fast as possible.

Make Sure Your Site is Mobile Friendly

A good percentage of all web traffic now comes from mobile devices, so it is important to make sure your website is optimized for mobile. Keep in mind that it is even more common on some industries than others, If your site is not optimized for mobile, you are losing out on a lot of potential traffic and business. You can use a responsive design or create a separate mobile site.A site that is mobile-friendly shows all the important information through the phone or tablet and is easily accessible. Use clear and concise text, and make sure all the links and buttons are easy to tap.

SEO takes time, effort, and patience. Once you go through all the work to optimize your site, you don’t want to forget about it it. You need to ensure it remains at the top, and you can only do that if you follow the above points.

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