3 Things that Generate More Inbound Links to Content

Written by Nick Stamoulis

Publishing great website content is important for a number of reasons. For SEO purposes, it’s necessary in order to rank for specific keywords and to generate natural inbound links that help to convey trust (and determine rank) in the search engines. That’s why it’s so important to not only publish content regularly, but to publish content that people will find useful and link to on their own web property.

Obviously the first criteria for creating link-worthy content is that it needs to be good. It should provide great information, be free of spelling and grammar errors, and flow naturally. However, there are a few things that SEO content writers can do to generate even more inbound links to their content such as:

Include new information/research

People love sharing stats. While including stats and links to resources in your content can really help enhance it, what’s even better is including original research because it means that your website will be the linkable resource! Obviously taking this approach to content creation will require time and resources, so think about time vs. return. But if you have the time and resources, putting together a study can do great things for your inbound link portfolio. In your online browsing, keep an eye out for any gaps, information that people are looking for but can’t seem to find. Another good idea is to be on the lookout for outdated research. If you find that people are continually linking to a study that’s more than a few years old, you should see this as an opportunity.

Collaborate with others

When there is more than one website/company/brand involved in content creation, it’s essentially a way to widen the audience (and get more links) right off the bat. A great way to include another company/professional in your content is to interview an industry thought leader. They’ll appreciate the publicity and will share the content with their network and you’ll have a great linkable piece of content that lives on your website. This is another approach that can take some time, since the first step is to actually build your relationships within the niche. An industry thought leader will be much more likely to give an interview if there is already an established professional relationship there.

Add visuals

No matter how great your content is, adding visuals is a great way to grab attention and to enhance the point you are trying to make. Be creative with it. And if you aren’t the creative type, hire or outsource someone who is! There’s a reason why videos and memes tend to go viral. Keep this mindset as you create website content with the goal of generating inbound links.

You might think that you have great content, but it’s the content that takes it to the next level by incorporating these elements that has the best chances of being linked to. Since links are so important for SEO and ranking purposes, it’s worth investing in content that will generate more inbound links.

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