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Written by Nick Stamoulis

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Social media – it’s in the palm of most everyone who owns a smartphone, and companies both large and small are finding that it can be utilized as a powerful marketing tool. However, marketing professionals must find the proper mix in order to fully enjoy the results of a social media campaign. Social media can be use to engage with potential clients and customers, and it’s a great way to promote a company’s services or products.

Three distinct social media elements should be properly combined in order to maximize an agency’s social media marketing strategy. These include paid media, owned media, and earned media.

Owned media

Owned media is typically a company’s website, which is considered fully owned. However, partially owned media, such as a company’s Facebook or Twitter account, can play an integral role in the perfect social media mix for marketing a company. Owned media allows for the portability of the brand a company is promoting.

Marketing professionals are finding that a combination of both fully owned media and partially owned media will allow potential customers to engage from across the web. Not only are they able to view the company’s website, but the right social media posts will draw customers or clients that might not otherwise have any knowledge about a company.

The right combination of owned media will promote your company’s brand, and it will provide invaluable long-term customer relationships as well.

Earned media

When considering what earned media comprises, the term “word-of-mouth” should come to mind. Certainly, prior to the internet, people in a community often learned of a new business due to happy customers who had already visited a brick-and-mortar store. Today, word-of-mouth often travels via social media. Satisfied customers leave great reviews, and some may even take to their personal social media to extol a positive experience with a business.

At the same time, some clients or customers will also post about negative experiences, no matter how positively the business attempts to handle an issue. Entrepreneurs need to be able to handle a few negative reviews, listen to customer complaints, and learn from the experience.

Most of the time, if a negative review is unwarranted, the public can easily figure out that the customer would have been dissatisfied no matter what type of experience they had. Plus, a business with mostly great reviews peppered with a small number of negatives typically see new customers or clients regardless of a few criticisms.

Paid media

Paid media is a fancy term for advertising. Many companies advertise via social media, and they are reaping the benefits. The key is learning when to spend that advertising money at a time when more engagement and leads are necessary.

When budgets are tight and companies need the most effective social media mix, it often pays to determine the best social media mix marketing strategy so that companies get the most return on the investment. It may be wise to check out the social media of competitors for ideas. Consider the target audience and how to best engage them. This may take some time, but the dividends are well worth the planning for strategic success.


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