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Written by Nick Stamoulis

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It’s true that digital marketing is an essential part of every business success strategy. At the beginning of the digital marketing strategy’s implementation, there is very little data to work on. However, over time as data is collected, the information can be used to make tweaks and changes to the strategy that will eventually drive business growth. Digital marketing will only have a real, lasting impact on the business if the strategy that is used is optimum. There is no way to know this without data.

That is why, when you are working with a digital agency partner, you should go out of your way to find one that will have a growth marketing mindset. What are some things you should think about when looking for the right agency? Here are some things to think about:

You Can Tell A Lot in the Sales Process

When speaking with them about their agency, be sure to ask them what their process is. Some digital agencies take a “you want it, we can do it” approach. They tend to treat their services as a menu of items, and their clients can order off the menu, so to speak. In general, this could show a lack of strategic focus and could be a sign that data won’t be a driving factor when it comes to making a decision.

If you ask a digital agency with a growth marketing mindset the same question about their process, they will likely be reluctant to make random suggestions for their marketing, and they also won’t let you “order” the services that you want without them first looking at some data or really assessing if the activity is in the best interest for your digital marketing and your overall business goals. Ask the right questions in the sales process and you will find the right agency to work with.

They Use Data to Help Determine the Right Digital Strategy

When you begin your relationship with them, it will be obvious when you are working with one that has a growth marketing mindset. This is because they won’t commit to a strategy without first looking at whatever data they can find. Now, this isn’t a perfect science. If the company is too new, there might not be enough data to really make solid decisions. Yet, the agency will look at whatever they can find anyway, knowing that once data trickles in, they can change the strategy as it makes sense.

In general, digital marketing has a fixed set of activities that consistently work, such as content marketing, social media, SEO, paid advertising, and more. Data is needed to determine what a business’s unique mix is. If the agency isn’t looking at the data before creating the strategy, this could be a sign that they don’t have a growth mindset.

Remember that when you’re working with a digital agency partner, you need one that will help your business grow. Working with one that has a growth mindset will potentially help you achieve your goals a lot faster than if you had found an agency partner that doesn’t have that mindset.

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