Your Content Needs to Flow

Written by Nick Stamoulis

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Everyone says that we need “great content” but it’s hard to really explain what that means. The truth is, we all know great content when we see it, but we may not know why we consider it to be that way. Here are some of the reasons why we could “like” a piece of content:

  • We simply enjoyed reading it, likely because we connected with something in the piece.
  • The content helped us solve a major problem that we had.
  • It was written in a way that kept us engaged and motivated to finish.

Defining what makes content “great”, is also fairly subjective, which means that it can be challenging to give a clear definition of what it really entails. However, there is one factor that is universal. Good content needs to “flow”. Here are some insights as to what these really means:

Start with a Great Title

The first element of a great article that flows well is its title. The title sets the stage for showing what the article itself will be about. In fact, the title should be a bit of a mini-summary of the piece. The reader should know what the article will be about even before they click on the link. In fact, it helps them decide if they want to click on the link.

A great title shouldn’t be vague, it should tell the reader exactly what they will expect when they read it. If the title doesn’t quite match with the article, this creates disjointed expectations. When this happen, it breaks the flow. When the title is great, it starts to flow right with the first sentence.

Tell a Defined Story

All pieces of content tell a story, even if you may not realize it. This article, for example, is telling the story of how content that flows is one of the things that could consider the piece “great”. In order for something to tell a story, it needs to have a defined purpose, body content that supports this purpose, and an effective conclusion. The content needs to have subheadings, especially when writing online. This is the way to set the story up for success.

When executed logically, this structure becomes your story. The truth is, all good content has a story, even if we don’t realize it. The story takes the reader on a journey where their question is answered, they are entertained, or they simply learned of a new school of thought. Either way, they are happy knowing that the article affected their life in some way. This is the magic of storytelling and it is a writer’s greatest tool.

Remember that the concept of “flow” is a feeling. When someone reads an article that you write, the reader should feel as if all the pieces connect together. They should also feel as if they were a vital part of the moment. When a reader connects with the content, it creates a magical feeling. They walk away feeling as if the content was good, but maybe even great. Without flow, the content won’t silver.


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