Creating a Content Marketing Calendar

Written by Nick Stamoulis

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If your marketing strategy is falling short of expectations, now is the time to create and implement a content marketing calendar. Your content marketing strategy is vital to your business and how well it attracts your target audience and results in conversions. Content marketing has a lot of moving parts and can be a lot to keep track of. A content marketing calendar can help. Here’s what you need to know about creating an effective content marketing calendar:

Team Alignment

A content marketing strategy that gets the results you want requires that everyone on your team be on the same page. If each department is chasing their own goals, it’s less likely that any goal will be achieved as hoped. When all departments have the same vision and are working toward the same goal, the likelihood of success improves. Instead of each department working independently, a system such as a cloud-based calendar can keep everyone on the same page. With a calendar, you can see at a glance where there are gaps in content. It also makes updates and deadlines easier to share with everyone at once rather than dealing with emails and texts in order to understand the status of projects.


Your team being aligned means your business’ messaging and branding will be consistent. Consistency is the key to success for your content marketing strategy. Delivering content on a regular basis helps your target audience to feel connected to you, engages them, teaches them, and even entertains them. Inconsistent content will result in a following that doesn’t grow and fewer conversions than you’re hoping for. To maintain consistency, you can schedule posts to be published so that it’s one less thing for you to think about on a weekly basis. Content should be created and published on a regular basis to maintain and build your following and customer base.

Understand Target Audience

You can have the best content marketing ideas, but if they don’t resonate with your target audience, they aren’t going to benefit your business. Understanding your target audience’s wants and needs is the first step in creating an effective content calendar. Content needs to relate to questions your audience has, solve a problem they face, or extend offers they will be interested in. Understanding who your target audience is allows you to create a content marketing calendar that includes not only content that will appeal to them, but sales, new products,

Competitive Edge

A content marketing calendar can help to give you an advantage over your competition. Content marketing calendars are helpful in not only creating and scheduling content, but keeping track of how content is performing. This will help to eliminate any guesswork and allow you to create more of the content that is working to draw in new followers and customers, drive traffic to your website, and increase conversions. Gaining a competitive edge improves the success of your brand or business.

Creating a Content Marketing Calendar

An effective content marketing calendar requires clearly defined goals. Goals for your content may include producing new leads, improving visibility, increasing your social media following, or driving traffic to your website. Choosing your channels is another important step in creating a content marketing calendar. You need to know where your target audience spends time and focus your attention on posting content there.

Creating a content marketing calendar is an important part of your overall marketing strategy. Utilizing a content marketing calendar will help you define your goals, focus on the right platforms, distribute content at the right time, improve leads, more answered call-to-actions, and increase conversions.


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