Targeting Content for Different Audiences

Written by Nick Stamoulis

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When it comes to writing content for an overall content marketing strategy, there’s a lot more that goes into it than simply writing pieces and then posting them online. Creating an effective content marketing strategy has many facets, and one of them is that the content that is created needs to be crafted for different segments of your audience. This is especially important in businesses that target multiple demographics.

Here’s more information about targeting content for different audiences:

Clearly Define Your Audience Segments

When was the last time you clearly defined all your audience segments? This information should be updated at least once a year, if not more. The reason for this is your audience may shift and you wouldn’t even know it. If a shift occurs, you want to notice it as quickly as possible so that you can target them in your marketing efforts, and this goes for the content marketing piece of things.

When you define your audience, it makes it easier to select topics for content, images, website copy, and more. If you don’t know hour audience, you might, for example, post an image that turns them off or doesn’t represent them, and they won’t resonate with what you’ve published. It all starts with defining your audience.

Determine What They Need

What do each of your audiences really need? This is where you take the time to understand their pain points and how they will connect with your brand and your product. There may be a different answer for each audience segment. If you don’t know what they need, you won’t find the right content that will connect with them.

How do you know what they need? Well, you can look at some data, or you can simply ask them. You can also determine what your competition is doing and see if you gain any insights that you can adapt to your own audience. Remember that your competition may not quite have the same audience as you. You need to determine what your audience needs before you can go forward.

Perform a Content Audit

During this planning stage, you should also perform a content audit. It helps to understand what content you already have before you decide on any new pieces that need to be written for your audience segments. This is the right place to start. Is your content connecting with your audience or not? How is it performing? Are there some content gaps that need to be addressed?

This is a long process, but also a necessary one. You can’t make future plans without having a clear idea of what you’ve already done. The results of the audit might surprise you, but at least you will have a great starting point.

When it comes to content marketing, it is so important to address your audience. For some businesses, it’s simple because the audience is very specific. For others it might be more complex, especially if you have more than one audience segment. Either way, your audience need to have content specifically addressed to them.


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