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Written by Nick Stamoulis

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SEO is often thought of as having a singular purpose of improving a business’s organic search results. While this is certainly the case, and it is its main function, there are other benefits to working a consistent SEO strategy. In particular, your SEO efforts will enhance your brand, especially in digital channels. This is the case where the branding will be an after effect of your consistency. Here’s more information about this:

SEO Creates Consistency with Your Digital Marketing

There are two phrases to digital marketing – the Technical SEO work that is done initially, such as making sure the onsite elements are poised to boost SEO performance, and the ongoing work, which involves regularly posting content and checking results and performance over time. Once you enter into the ongoing phase, that’s where consistency plays into it, especially if you post new content about once a week.

What happens when your audience sees you consistently creating new content, posting on social media, and more? Well, they begin to see you as a brand they can rely on. When you position yourself as reliable, they will look at your company favorable. It will improve brand recognition and even builds trust, these are all things that improve branding and encourage new leads and sales.

Improved Reach Increases Brand Recognition

Let’s face it. A business that actively works at improving their SEO will have a much wider digital reach for their brand. The reason for this is that activities that either indirectly or directly improve SEO results also allow for more eyes on your brand. With the increased reach, comes more traffic, and therefore more eyes that are able to view your brand.

This is why it’s so important to make sure that your brand is recognizable and clear. This is your opportunity to include strong branding elements in your marketing, such as consistent color schemes and fonts across all platforms, as well as using the same logo. By reaching more people, your brand will be much stronger.

SEO Helps Build Trust With Your Audience

Did you know that improved SEO can help build trust? With increased visibility comes increased brand recognition. When you’re visible online, people begin to trust your viability as a business. This is especially true when it comes to content marketing, which is closely tied to SEO. When you have a lot of great content published on your website, this increases the chances that your audience will read what you have written.

Every time someone reads a piece of content on your website, this builds authority, which also improves the trust factor with your audience. Not only that, but this is all related to your branding. You want to create the brand that you are experts in your field, and you can do this through your content.

Most of us think of branding as something that needs to happen on its own, using a whole different set of activities. Well, other forms of digital marketing, like SEO, an absolutely improve your brand.


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