Using Your Blog to Create B2B Demand

Written by Nick Stamoulis

Many B2B companies rely heavily on their content marketing and SEO campaigns to generate new leads. After all, content marketing and SEO help a B2B brand connect with potential customers at the exact moment those customers need them. Unlike traditional advertising, which relies on interruptive tactics to capture someone’s attention, SEO (and inbound marketing at large) is about being where your customers are when they need you—let them come to you. But what happens when a B2B company straddles two niches or creates their own niche and there is no search volume for what they offer? How can your customers come to you when your top keywords aren’t how they search? If you are trying to introduce new jargon into your industry, or change the way your audience thinks about and searches in your niche, your blog is essential for creating B2B demand.

Your B2B blog is limitless.

Unlike a static website, your blog can be infinitely large. Every single piece of content you create can rank in the search engines, just like the pages of your website, and each blog post can focus on one of your B2B demand generation keywords. For example, a few years ago no one had really heard of the term “inbound marketing.” It was created by HubSpot to describe their unique product that combined SEO, social media, and content marketing campaigns. With a few years of content creation and heavy promotion under their belt, “inbound marketing” has now become a universally accepted marketing term.

Remember that content creation is really only limited by how much time and man power you have to put into it, so even if you can only create two blog posts a week that’s two new pieces of content out there that support your unique position and slowly start to generate demand. You can’t force people to change the way they think and search overnight, so you have to introduce them again and again to how you want them to think and search and let those new keywords sink in over time.

Your B2B blog has more reach than your static website.

There is a reason why content marketing is such a heavily used B2B marketing tactic—it works. People, especially B2B buyers, collect, curate, bookmark, and refer to content at every stage of the buying cycle. Blog posts get linked to and cited, shared on social networks, emailed to friends and coworkers, and generally get more attention that products and service pages do. That’s another reason that your blog is so great for B2B demand generation—it has the power to go places your static website can only dream of. Because of that your blog has the ability to reach more people and influence the way they think and search over time. Your blog posts can appear on popular social networks, top industry sites and forums, be referenced by other bloggers and so forth, helping introduce your brand and way of thinking to a much wider audience.

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