Relevancy Overcomes Audience Fatigue

Written by Nick Stamoulis

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When it comes to digital marketing, it’s true that your main goal will be to reach your target audience. However, whether or not the audience is responding to your messaging is another thing entirely. There are a few things that can happen. They may show preliminary signs of responding well to your brand, but then there could be evidence of waning interest. They could remain engaged with your brand the whole time, or they could never resonate with your messaging.

No matter which scenario you’re experiencing, it all boils down to one thing – audience fatigue. It’s real. No matter how well thought out your digital marketing efforts are, it won’t matter if your audience is simply tired of it. And this can be fixed by simply keeping yourself relevant in their eyes. Here are some thoughts:

Keep Content Fresh

Are you delivering the same things to your audience day after day? If people feel as if you “said that before” or are reposting the same information, they’ll start to tune out. There has to be something fresh about your content, or else your audience will start to develop blinders. Continually think about new topics or new ways of looking at things when posting articles. Share interesting and relevant information on social media. Change your ad collateral at least periodically so people don’t get too used to your messaging.

These are just some suggestions, and what “fresh” means for your industry and audience will differ. However, it’s an important point to keep in mind. “Freshness” always makes you appear relevant.

Stand Out with Your Messaging

One of the reasons for audience could be a saturated market. If this is the case, your audience may not be “fatigued” by your efforts necessarily. They could feel bombarded with too many options and possibly too many options that sound the same. Do you stand out from your competitors? If not, this could be part of the culprit.

The solution is to stand out with your messaging. That way, you can be sure to attract the best part of your audience that will resonate with your offer. It will also enable you to stand out from your competitors.

Keep Up with Trends

If your industry is driven by trends, then adopting them thoughtfully will be worth your while. If you don’t adopt them, your audience will see it as a sign that you’ve lost touch with them. If they feel as if you have become obsolete, they will definitely develop fatigue and you will be ignored.

Adopting trends is an easy way to stay relevant in their eyes. However, this doesn’t mean you should jump on every bandwagon that arises in your industry. Some trends may be fleeting, so adopting them will be a waste of time. consider the trend carefully, but do make an active effort to stay on top of any changes to your industry.

Audience fatigue is a real issue in digital marketing. Staying relevant will keep their attention!


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