Advantages of Guest Blogging

Written by Nick Stamoulis

Guest blogging is well-known to be a good way to build links. Links that are content based are valuable to website owners. The content and the links will be noticed by search engine spiders as well as users doing searches for the information you have to offer. While guest blogging is considered one of the best ways to build links, it actually has other benefits that website owners should be aware of.

Offering Good Content Gets You Noticed

By guest posting on blogs that are similar in nature to your own website or blog, you can begin to make yourself known as an expert. When people read a blog, they are trying to get more information about a topic, industry, or product. When they read your guest blog, you are sharing your own perspective, ideas, and what you have to offer. If the reader likes what you have to say, they’ll want to learn more and visit your website or blog. This is a great way to build your own audience.

What is good content? Good content should be well-written and offer the reader something. When guest blogging, you don’t want to write one post and have it published on a plethora of blogs. In fact, this tactic could have you penalized by Google as they will see it as an attempt at link building.

Take the time to write unique posts for each blog you’re interested in appearing on. If you want to guest post for blogs that are similar in topic, remember that many of the readers may be the same. They don’t want to read the same blog piece three or four times. Seeing your name attached to different pieces will boost your expertise.

Guest Blogging Builds Brand Awareness

The more often you guest blog, the more people interested in the topic will see your brand name and begin to recognize it and you. Should you blog anywhere in order to get your brand recognized though? Probably not. While you may not be able to start with the most popular websites, you shouldn’t write for websites that don’t make sense.

Guest blog where people who are interested in your niche are investing their time reading and learning. Your goal should be to guest blog for websites that are credible in your industry. This will show others that you are also credible. In time, your brand will become known and trusted by your target audience.

In addition to guest blogging, commenting on blog posts related to your niche is also a good idea. This is another way to become known and may help in the future to give you an opportunity to guest blog on some of the more popular, quality sites. Another way to begin guest blogging is to share the work of others that are in your industry.

Guest blogging should be taken as seriously as writing your own content. You want people to read your guest blogs and be interested in visiting your website to read more of the content you have to offer. Show off your writing skills and your expertise by guest blogging. This can also lead to more guest blogging opportunities, which will only further your success.

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