Why Use Digital Advertising as Part of Digital Marketing

Written by Nick Stamoulis

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It’s true that digital advertising is one of the strategies that can be used in digital marketing. Digital advertising includes social media advertising, pay per click, and direct advertising on websites, in email newsletters, and more. All of the strategies within marketing work together to form a comprehensive plan that is tailored to your business’s success.

Whether or not you should use digital advertising, and in what capacity, will change depending on the industry, business goals, and the nature of the digital marketing program as a whole. So, why should your business use digital advertising? Here are some thoughts:

When Your Digital Marketing is New

Have you just implemented your digital marketing plan? If so, it could take a while to really gain momentum. For example, SEO, which is a strategy you could use within digital amercing, could take up to a year to start seeing results. This is a long time to wait, and chances are pretty good that waiting that long for the strategy to work could be bad for business. To help your business gain momentum while waiting for the long term strategies, you can definitely use digital advertising.

It Can Help Grow Your Business

As mentioned above, digital advertising can work quickly, which means that it could help grow your business at a faster rate. You can use run digital ads on the social media sites, use pay per click advertising, and advertise through direct relationships with other businesses. The benefit between digital advertising and regular advertising (print, TV, billboards, etc) is that digital advertising allows you to target specific audience segments, enabling you to reach relevant people faster.

Digital Ads Can Be More Relevant

There is a trend that the consumer is now responsible for deciding their actions online. They can even have control over the types of digital ads they see, if at all. For example, people are able to turn off cookies and also can opt out of displaying ads in emails, on websites, and more. Giving consumers a choice might seem frustrating for the business, but the upside of this is that those enjoying content online are more empowered. Once they do see your ad, since they feel that they played a part in allowing themselves to see it, they might be more receptive to its message, thus increasing the impact of your digital ad.

Advertising Online Can Generate Usable Data

One of the best things about using digital advertising channels is the data that you can collect while running a campaign. These ads are incredibly easy to track. For example, you can track data such as audience segments, time of day the ad was viewed, traffic data, and more. You can also tell, with a button, how many impressions your ads have received and how many times they’ve been clicked on. It is also possible to see if anyone who saw your ad has visited your website.

Digital advertising can really help your business and help improve the results of your digital marketing, while also expanding the reach of your business. This, in turn, can help you reach your business goals.


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