Technical SEO Items to Execute Now

Written by Nick Stamoulis

You can break SEO up in many ways: there’s on-site vs. off-site SEO, content vs. link building, etc. but another important distinction is separating these things from the technical aspect of SEO that is essentially web design/development. If the website isn’t technically SEO friendly, all of the greatest keyword rich content and relevant, high-quality inbound links don’t even matter. If you haven’t really considered the technical side of SEO, don’t delay. Start by doing the following:

Hire a trustworthy web developer/designer

This is really the first step. SEOs tend to be marketers, not developers, so it’s important to get a trustworthy web developer on board who ideally understands SEO and how it fits into what they’ll be doing, even at a basic level. A large company/website will likely have a web development team in-house, but for smaller companies, it’s advisable to outsource the work, even on a per-project basis, to one person/firm. The back-end of a website can become a very messy place when too many developers are involved. When you find someone you like, stick with them! Once you’ve found your match, discuss the following items with them and devise a plan to execute each one.

Set up Google Analytics and Search Console

Your developer will need to add code to the website in order to set this up. Ideally, you want to track every page of the website so the footer is a good place for this code to go. Google Analytics allows you to track traffic and sources, but Search Console allows you to keep an eye on the technical factors of the website.

Invest in modern design

If you haven’t redesigned the website in awhile or if it isn’t mobile-friendly, you need to get on that. Ask your developer to create a responsive web design that looks good across all devices. Google is moving towards a “mobile first” index across all devices, so if your website isn’t mobile friendly, it will take a hit in the search engines. While you’re at it, ensure that it loads quickly across all devices and has a user-friendly URL structure.

Invest in website security

You don’t want to be accused of being “penny wise, pound foolish” when it comes to website security. A hack is always a very real threat and if you rely on your website to do business, it can hurt you exponentially. Invest in a reputable website security solution that provides website security monitoring and will identify potential threats as quickly as possible. Always keep your content management system versions and plug ins up to date, since outdated versions are prime targets for hackers.

While a technical website background isn’t a prerequisite to doing SEO, it certainly helps to at least have a basic understanding of it. From there, you can hire a knowledgeable web developer that will take care of things for you.

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