Knowing Your Target Audience is Important for SEO

Written by Nick Stamoulis

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It’s true that SEO is about more than just considering which keywords to use. Search Engine Optimization requires a lot more strategy than that in order to be effective! In fact, SEO is all about how each of the elements tie into one another to form a cohesive strategy. In other words, everything from your social media to content needs to be carefully crafted in order to have maximum impact.

One of the most important thing to remember, however, is that even though SEO is all about getting the search engines to find you, you need to consider your audience. This will make your SEO program even stronger. Here’s more information:

Content Should Be Created for Your Audience Not the Search Engines

Years ago, it was a perfectly accepted strategy to think of the search engines as you were putting together the content for your website. As the algorithms have gotten more sophisticated, however, this practice is no longer acceptable. Search engines understand that they need to please their audience, and in order to do that, they need to deliver the best possible website when someone performs a search. Those that have been crafted with search engines in mind are stuffy and unhelpful – in other words, the usability is poor.

Since search engines are in the business of making sure their customers are happy, they’ve had to change their algorithms in a way that increases the likelihood that the search results that are returned are as helpful as possible. The end result? If you create content geared 100% towards your audience, search engines will respond by favoring your website in the search results.

Favoring the Audience Doesn’t Mean Keywords Aren’t Important

So, does that mean we don’t need to do keyword research anymore? Nothing could be further from the truth! In fact, keyword research is more important than it ever was. Nowadays, however, you need to be careful how they are woven into the content. Less is more in this case. You need to choose the absolute best keywords for each page. Keywords need to match both user intent and the intent of the content on the page. If the keyword doesn’t make sense for the either of those, it shouldn’t be used.

This means that there is a human touch that needs to be part of the process. Since less is more, someone needs to review keyword lists and balance that with the needs of the audience and the function of the page itself. If those items sync up, the keyword is a perfect fit. Then, it can take some time carefully perusing the copy and finding a way to naturally add the keyword. If it doesn’t fit the copy well, it is better to leave it off the page, unless you want to do a rewrite.

We believe that it is much better to take a conservative approach when it comes to using keywords. Less is definitely more because the main goal is to put out “gentle feelers” to attract the right audience.


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