Don’t Let SEO Get Stuck in the Approval Process

Written by Nick Stamoulis

It happens all the time. We sign on an SEO client and we’re on the same page. The client understands that their input is important to the process and they are willing to make it a team effort. Things start off smoothly enough but then within a few weeks or months we hear from them less and less. While this might sound like a good thing (a client that isn’t bugging you every 20 minutes!), in the SEO world there needs to be ongoing communication.

As SEO professionals, we are experts at SEO. We’ve got that process down to a science. However, what we never will be are experts in all of the fields that our clients are in. It’s just not going to happen. That’s why the client always has the last word on any SEO activity that we plan to implement. Without approval, changes aren’t made and SEO items aren’t being published. We get it, clients can get busy with other things, but they need to make SEO item approval a priority. These types of clients have no one to blame but themselves when they ask why their SEO program isn’t working 6 months down the line. It’s because the agreed upon SEO program wasn’t completed without their approval!

Here’s a list of items that need SEO client approval:

SEO Approval ProcessKeyword research
On site optimization recommendations
Blog posts
Guest blog posts
Press releases
Blog comment locations
Actual blog comments
Social media posts
And more as needed!

Approval on SEO items is ongoing. We’ll check in with our SEO clients at the very minimum a few times a month, but for other clients, especially new clients and clients that we are responsible for creating content for, it could be multiple times in a week. If we aren’t getting approval, these items are just being pushed back and the SEO program is sitting idle during that time period.

SEO is already a slow enough process as it is due to the search engine ranking algorithms. A website needs to generate search engine trust and that’s not something that’s going to happen overnight. It takes a long time to start to see an increase in organic search traffic, and that’s when an SEO program is being implemented in a timely fashion. If an SEO campaign is getting held up in the approval process, it just means that that search engine trust will take that much longer to achieve. SEO clients shouldn’t be the ones holding up the process even further.

If you aren’t able to work with an SEO firm on a regular basis in order to generate results, hiring an SEO firm might not be the best fit. You’ll be wondering where your results are and the SEO firm will be wondering where the approvals are. It’s a fight that nobody is going to win. Hiring an SEO firm is an investment, and the SEO client must be willing to take the time to make the most out of that investment in order for the partnership to work.

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