Does Seasonality Impact Digital Marketing?

Written by Nick Stamoulis

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Digital marketing is always changing and evolving, but the core concepts always do stay the same. One of the things that can change is the nature of your business. Each business has a seasonality to it, but for some, that seasonality is more dramatic than others. As your business goes through its seasonal changes, you will need digital marketing to help you with these ebbs and flows. For some businesses, digital marketing can help you take advantage of busy periods, for others, it can also help you get more business during quieter times. Seasonality in digital marketing has many applications.

Consider Your Product or Service

Thinking about the seasons for your digital marketing all starts with the product or service that you offer. If you sell products that can be considered seasonal, like software programs that are more commonly used at certain times of the year, like tax preparation software, or a business to consumer business that sells seasonal product. For these business, the product or service may have an ideal time period where they should be sold, and digital marketing can help these companies connect with customers.

Get to Know Your Customers

Seasonality in digital marketing will also depend on the type of customer you serve. You must adjust your marketing strategy accordingly if your customers are generally busy during certain seasons. For example, if you sell wedding dresses, you will want to focus your efforts on the spring and summer when weddings are more common. However, if you sell winter sports equipment, you will want to focus your efforts on the fall and winter when people are more likely to be planning ski trips and other winter activities.

Discover Your Industry

Your business’s industry is also an important factor to consider when considering seasonality. Some industries are more seasonal than others. For example, the retail industry is seasonal, with sales spikes during the holiday season and other major shopping holidays. You must adjust your marketing strategy accordingly if you’re in the retail industry. This might mean ramping up your efforts during the holiday season or focusing on specific shopping holidays throughout the year. However, if you’re in a less seasonal industry, such as healthcare or technology, you won’t need to make as many adjustments to your marketing strategy.

Assess Your Overall Digital Marketing Goals

The fourth and final thing to consider is your overall marketing goals. If your goal is to increase brand awareness or build customer loyalty, then you might not need to make any major adjustments to your strategy based on the season. However, if your goal is to increase sales during a specific period, you must adjust your strategy accordingly. For example, if you want to increase sales during the holiday season, you will need to ramp up your marketing efforts and focus on tactics known to be effective during this time of year.

As you can see, there are a few things to consider when thinking about whether or not digital marketing can be seasonal. However, overall, the answer is yes – digital marketing can be seasonal. The key is understanding the seasonality of your product, your customers, and your industry to adjust your strategy accordingly.


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