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Written by Nick Stamoulis

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When it comes to succeeding at search engine optimization, you really need to use data right from the beginning. Not only will data help you enhance the SEO strategy at the outset, but it will also help you make strategic changes over time as the strategy unfolds and results start to come in. The truth is, it’s next to impossible to make a successful SO program without data. Here’s a look at some of the types and ways data can be used in SEO:

Know How to Use Keywords as Data

Most successful SEO programs start with keyword research. These days, keyword research needs to be comprehensive and targeted. Each keyword needs to connect in some way with the target audience. Not only that, but each needs to be carefully selected because the intent of the keyword needs to match the intent of the page itself. It helps to think of keywords as pieces of data that can help you gain insights. This goes for keyword research that you do on an industry level and then the keywords that receive impressions and clicks once the program is underway.

However, the days of actually optimizing a website obsessively with keywords are over. In fact, this could land you in the penalty box for most of the search engines. Keywords these days should be looked at as confirmation of certain things – search behavior, buying behavior, and give you plenty of insights that will help you formulate a great SEO strategy for the business.

Using Traffic Data to Improve SEO

Once your SEO program is underway, you can use the traffic data to help you gain insights not only about your SEO, but about the business itself. In this day and age, you should collect ever piece of data that you possibly can in order to understand everything you can about your audience, your business, you niche, and your results.

The most compelling of these data types will he your organic traffic because it is the most specific measure of how well the SEO program is doing. However, other traffic sources should be examined, as well, because they all affect each other. Through this information you can gain information such as seasonal insights and other pattens.

Competitor Data Can Also Improve SEO

When analyzing data, don’t forget competitor data. If you have a tool that can analyze your competitors, you should absolutely take advantage of it. You can see what they are doing. You shouldn’t copy what they do one for one, but if you do have the data, you can use it to gain insights. You want to get to know information about your competitors, about the industry, and just about anything else you can learn. You can also use it to help you find some valuable keywords that you can use to inspire your own SEO efforts.

When it comes to SEO, you can use data to improve results. SEO is a long-term process, but with the right data, you can discover some valuable insights.


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