Aligning Growth and Digital Marketing Strategies

Written by Nick Stamoulis

These days, data-driven decisions drives business. Digital marketing is no exception. While many think of digital marketing and growth marketing as separate entities, this isn’t the right approach. Adopting a mindset of growth marketing while also incorporating traditional principals of digital marketing, is a winning combination. After all, you need as much data as possible to make the decisions you need to make. Data will help you develop a much stronger digital marketing strategy. Here are some thoughts about this:

Starting at the Beginning with Data

If you are a fairly new business, you might not have a lot of data to work with of your own. Gather what data you can in order to find patterns and insights. Perform some keyword research for your industry. Look at your analytics, even if you haven’t had it going for long. You can even pull industry and competitor reports to find information.

Once you have all the data in front of you, you should give it a brief overview in order to start gaining impressions. What is your traffic like? Does the keyword data give you insights about search patterns? What about your social media data? Does any of this data give you insights about your industry? Whatever information you can glean, you can use it to create an initial digital marketing strategy.

Keep Tabs on the Competition

Keep in mind that you can also run competitor reports to determine what they are doing for their digital marketing. You can use these competitor reports to assess if they are running PPC or other digital advertising campaigns, you can determine how they’re doing in the search engines, and other key pieces of information. You can also search online for their brand to see how prominent they are.

Why is this a good idea? Well, where your competition is can give clues as to where your audience is. It can also give you insights as to how you can be competitive in that environment. Is your market saturated or not? This is also a key piece of information that will drive your decisions.

Analyzing Existing Results

Once your digital marketing strategy has been fully implemented for a few months, you can start really scrutinizing your collected data. How are you performing? Keep in mind that, depending on your industry, it can take even longer to really see results. But, you don’t need to wait a year or more to start seeing some improvements. Follow your instincts when looking at the data, as there is usually a human element with these things.

The more data you have access to, the better off your digital marketing is. This is true not only to create a preliminary digital marketing strategy, but also to make tweaks and changes as the strategy unfolds. You can use data to make the results even better. The only thing is, you shouldn’t make too many changes at once, or make changes too soon, or else it could impede progress.

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