4 Places to Find Blog Topic Inspiration

Written by Nick Stamoulis

Setting up a business blog on your company website is the easy part. The hard part is actually keeping the blog active with high-quality, informative content that target audience members will find engaging. Sure, you might be fine for the first couple of months, but after a certain amount of time, you’ll get to that “What do I write now?” phase. This is where many bloggers give up.

It’s common to land on a business blog, see a flurry of posts within a timespan of a few months, and then…crickets. If you’re getting into business blogging it’s important to understand that the blog needs to stay active – no matter what! If you’re struggling to think of topic ideas, here are 4 places to look for inspiration:

Industry Blogs

It’s unavoidable that businesses in the same industry are going to be blogging about the same things, so you shouldn’t feel worried that you’re copying anyone else. The key, however, is to take a topic that was written about on another industry blog and to completely make it your own. The broad idea can be the same but you should use your own insights and experience to make it unique. Browse industry websites regularly and subscribe to their email newsletters for a steady stream of potential topics to work off of.

Social Media

If you’re a blogger or are responsible for thinking of blog topic ideas, be sure to follow every relevant company, event, publication, and thought leader in your niche on social media since this is where they’ll be sharing all of their content. See what kind of engagement different topics are getting and what kinds of conversations they’re sparking. Your own blog post on the topic is a way to be involved in the conversation and even to add to it.


If you’re an in-house blogger, there’s a good chance you’re part of the marketing department. How often do you interact with co-workers outside of the marketing department? Taking the time to speak with them, learn about their process and the problems they’re solving can be a great source of blog topic ideas. There’s a good chance that they’d be happy to share their experiences.

Existing Content

Not every blog topic is going to be brand new. It’s impossible if you’re publishing content regularly. The key is to take a slightly different spin to the subject matter each time it’s written about. Cater it to a different audience (beginner vs. advanced, for example) or switch formats (turn a whitepaper into a blog post). Over time, it’s worth revisiting “old” content to make sure that it’s still up to date and relevant. If it isn’t, make the necessary tweaks. When it comes to blogging and content marketing, you don’t always need to re-invent the wheel.

As you’re perusing these places, keep in mind that you don’t need to overthink blogging. Any topic that your target audience would find interesting is worthy of a blog post.

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