How FAQ Pages Can Help SEO

Written by Nick Stamoulis

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Frequently asked questions pages are obviously useful from a user experience perspective. If a website visitor has a question, they can head over to the FAQ page to (hopefully) find an answer. Having this content listed prominently on the website also makes the lives of the customer service/sales team much easier. They won’t need to spend their time answering the same popular questions over and over and can instead focus on more complex or personalized questions from prospects/customers and on making sales. But did you ever think about how an FAQ page can help your SEO? Here are 4 reasons why publishing FAQ pages on your site should be a part of your SEO content marketing strategy:

They can rank organically

As the search engines become better at understanding a searcher’s intent, people’s search habits are shifting and more and more people are searching using long tails and by asking the search engines full sentence questions. If one of your FAQs is a match for a question, it has the opportunity to rank prominently. The FAQ pages might not deliver a ton of organic search traffic, but the traffic these pages do deliver will be from a very targeted audience that is likely interested in exactly what you offer.

Blog topic inspiration

Frequently asked questions pages can be repurposed into blog content. A blog post provides an opportunity to expand upon the answer or to take a slightly different angle on the same topic. If it’s a frequently asked question, it’s a topic that people are clearly interested in so you already know that the blog post will generate attention.

Inbound links

If you’re taking the right approach to FAQ pages, they’re going to be valuable resources about the products/services offered and of the industry as a whole. Valuable resources such as these are the pages that are most often linked to naturally from relevant, third party sites, and these natural inbound links remain an important ranking signal to the search engines since they convey trust and authority.

Social media content

We know that social media doesn’t have a direct impact on the search engine algorithms or ranking, but social media activity today is an essential way to build your brand and trust, which can indirectly enhance SEO efforts. Sharing a frequently asked question in social media along with a link to the answer is a way to keep a social media profile active with useful information and drive traffic to the website.

If you haven’t added FAQ pages to your site yet, it’s a worthwhile strategy for both customer service and SEO reasons. If you aren’t sure what questions should be included, a good place to start is with your customer service and sales teams to find out what the frequently asked questions actually are and then you can branch out from there as you think of other common questions that prospects or customers might have about products/services or the industry as a whole.


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